Performance Teaser: Jordan CP3.V Pt. 2


After being thoroughly impressed with the Podulon cushioning system, there are plenty of other attributes to the CP3.V that are equally impressive.


The traction surface is great, very much like that of the Zoom Kobe VII. With a combination of thin herringbone along with a triangular pattern offers great coverage from every angle. I do feel the CP3.V’s traction is slightly better than the Kobe VII due to the fact that the pattern is thinner, covers more ground and due to its thinner grooves is able to grip the floor a bit better being that it’s more flexible.


Durability in lightweight performance shoes has been a hit or miss yet the CP3.V offers great durability which in turns gives you a greater amount of confidence to implement your style of play without worrying if the upper will stand strong.

There are a few scuffs around the shoes Flywire base but the type of Flywire used along with its finish makes damage done to the shoe hard to point out. I tend to destroy the toe area of my shoes and while the upper can take the ongoing beatings I dish out it would have been nice to see a TPU toe bumper… but that’s more a personal preference and doesn’t hinder their performance whatsoever.

These have been very good so far and I can’t help but factor in the retail price with a shoe like this… the Kobe retails at $180 while these are $120, you not only get more bang for your buck but you also receive an overall better product for less money.

Posted on: February 4, 2012 // 26 Comments

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  1. Hey Ho

    i need your help: I need a new shoe
    what do you think?

    Cp3.V, Hyperdunk low, Kobe Vi,

    I play 2/3

  2. I had a feeling you had a bad impression of podulon. I’m really glad you enjoy playing in one of the lesser known shoes. It seems that for Nike atheletes, the more fame they acheive, the less capable their signature shoe lines are.

    • Nightwing2303

      I love it! Very surprised indeed.

      I cant say i agree with the whole fame thing and lack of performance but it def feels as if the more gimmicks are used the less their performance capabilities are.

  3. Zoom, Podulon, or Lunarlon?

    • Nightwing2303

      I like all three but it really depends on your preference. Podulon is somewhere in-between zoom and lunarlon so if you tried that first you may be more willing to try out lunarlon.

  4. How do you compare these to the fly wade 2?

    • Nightwing2303

      Well theyre totally different. I prefer the Wade a bit more overall but these are great shoes.

  5. Does weight matter?

    i mean the kobe vi 10.5 oz and the wade 2 and cp3.v about 13-14
    do you really feel it that much?

    • Nightwing2303

      It matters somewhat but for me i feel that construction plays a bigger part in performance.

      The jordan 2010s arent lightweight by any means and they play great so midsole/ outsole tooling is what makes a shoe feel or seem heavy IMO.

  6. IS podulon better than zoom? I’m a point guard and sometimes I get sore knees with zoom air.

    • Nightwing2303

      If zoom is bottom loaded i feel thats best but Podulon is a fantastic cushion system. You should give foam based cushions a try and see what you think.

  7. Hey, was thinking of buying these not only because of the price, but of the positive things i hear about it, but I’m 5′ 11″ and 200 lbs. i mostly play the wing but because of my big body(200 lbs.) I do tend to post up on guys, would you recommend these or another shoe? 1 indoor and another outdoor? thanks and more power bro

    • Nightwing2303

      Well i havent finished playing in them but the fit is supportive. I know Chris Paul is taller than 5’11″ but i dont know his weight… With his speed and sharp movements that should be a good indicator as to whether these could work for you.

  8. Hey nightwing, why did you stop rating the different aspects of the shoes now from 1/10? it really helps me know how good traction and support is in your opinion.

    • Nightwing2303

      I still do it, older reviews dont have it avail but i have done it for all current reviews.

  9. nighhtwing,how old are u?how long hv u been playing basketball?

    • Nightwing2303

      Im 28 and been playing since the 6th grade… No clue how old i was at the time lol.

  10. nightwing,i just want to know,which to do you think which outsole is more durable,wade2 or cp3.v? Thanx

  11. hey Nightwing…I am from Germany and I really love your reviews..really a great job.. so I have more wider feet and had problems with the Kobe 5s which were too narrow for me. how about the cp3s? thx

    • Nightwing2303


      CP3s arent as narrow but for wide feet they could still pose a problem. A friend of mine has wide feet and grabbed the 2012s and said he loves them.

      • thanks.. well the retail price of the 2012 is 180 Euro which is about 240 USD.. that is really a lot.. so I was also thinking about the Rose 2.. as my privous sneakers for ballin are also from adidas( Adipure Low) which worked pretty fine ..

  12. I’m trying to get these online but i’m not sure about which size to get.

    I own a pair of kobe V’s size 9.5. Should I go for 9.5 with this pair?

  13. Hey i’m try to get these online. I’m having troubles deciding what size to get for these pair of shoes.

    I wear the Kobe V’s at size 9.5. Having that said, should I go with size 9.5 for this pair?

    Thanks alot! Your review was an awesome read!

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