Performance Teaser: Air Jordan 2012

Performance Teaser: Air Jordan 2012



Having two midsoles to choose from can be intimidating, having three options is just crazy… especially when it’s hard to choose which one you prefer. This performance teaser will most likely be a long one due to the fact that there is so much to go over with this one particular category… if you’re ready, read on…


Fly Around, Fly Over & Fly Through… Three choices with one sneaker… unheard of!

While I initially assumed that each of the three midsoles had different foams used, after playing in them and feeling each one between my finger… I’m no longer sure that’s the case. It would make sense that each of the three were different foams yet I don’t believe they are, one thing they all share in common however, the cushion setups are all bottom loaded which is great in my opinion as you receive greater court feel… even in the full length Air setup which is great. You get all the positive attributes from the cushion systems and none of the drawbacks.


Fly Through – Full length Air is in place under the midsole. This is something that is common in visible full length Air based sneakers but it’s a much lower profile unit so its not as soft as you may be used to. It does work but you wont get that step in comfort feeling you had last time with the Jordan 2011… this is mostly because the foam midsole does not have a soft insole placed on top of it and the cushion is further away from your foot. While you may assume this is bad, its actually perfect as the Air unit is taking the brunt of all impact upon your foot striking the ground. Even as a Guard, I enjoyed this quite a bit more than the Explosive midsole featured in the Air Jordan 2011. The Fly Through option is good enough for a Guard and should be perfect for power players who will need some additional impact absorption during games such as Small and Power Forwards.

Fly Over – With forefoot articulated Zoom & heel Max Air you basically get the best of both worlds from a cushion standpoint. Again, this setup is good enough for a Guard but its targeted towards players that may have a need fore maximum impact protection in the heel while receiving responsive cushion in the forefoot. The one player that comes to mind that plays this way would be Dwyane Wade… Wade is all over the place, blocking shots, running offense and wreaking havoc on the unfortunate ones who have to guard him. Someone that plays a rapid game with lots of ups and down will enjoy the heel impact absorption and quick first step upon landings with the articulated Zoom. Keep in mind, they are bottom loaded so you may not feel that the cushion is there but it is working.

Fly Around – I didn’t think I would like this setup much but this was actually my favorite of the three, for me personally.


The heel bag located in the midsole of the Play Fast (Kobe System) gave me heel pain for not being flush with the foam. This is not the case with the Fly Around setup and it made all the difference in the world.


It is a much smaller bag (roughly the same thickness)  than what is in the Kobe VII and its a different style of Zoom altogether… I couldn’t get an image of the bags from a side view but if you were to see them both in person they are quite different… I didn’t notice much other than the fact that I had zero pain in my heels while wearing the Fly Around midsole as I had in the Kobe VII.

The part I was most concerned about was that the forefoot has no cushion at all. Surprisingly this was such a nice ride from heel to toe. It’s possible the combination of top loaded forefoot Zoom along with bottom loaded heel Zoom is where the Kobe system went wrong but I can’t really say for sure… all I know is that this Fly Around setup was absolutely perfect for a fast paced Point Guard/ Shooting Guard such as myself.


One area that most were concerned with, myself included, was with the interchangeable inner sleeves. I thought they might have had some slipping issues and I was way off base with that one. With the way the shoes shell (upper and outsole) is constructed, once the sleeve and midsole of your choice are placed inside, there is literally no differences between these and any other shoe. In fact, these have provided me with the best fit and lockdown of any sneaker so far this year.

There is such a huge difference between the playability of the Jordan 2011 to the 2012 that it makes the 2011’s feel like a huge mistake in the way they were designed and constructed… at least in my opinion.

Stay tuned as we will get more in depth with another teaser soon!

  • eric

    good teaser..might cop if it goes on sale, ha!
    waiting for the actual performance review!

    • Nightwing2303

      Thanks, they’ll prob go on sale lol.

      • eric

        nah i dont think so bro…here in the philippines, KB6 and jordan 2011 is still in SRP LOL!

        • jtag

          some jordan 2011 CWs are already in the outlets. haven’t seen j2011s in retail for a while now.

          • Nightwing2303

            I got two of mine for dirt cheap here on sale.

        • Nightwing2303

          Ill be making a post that could help you and other international hoopers out soon.

  • J-Ian

    is ther any different feeling between the articulated zoom and the normal zoom??

    • Nightwing2303

      In this bottom loaded setup you cant really feel a difference but when its directly under foot you can as the Zoom units sit under you’re forefoots pressure points relieving stress and providing responsive cushion.

  • jtag

    still thinking if i should cop the whole system or just the air system with the zoom/air combo. $223 and $180 here in the Philippines is a big difference!

    • eric

      lol hope we can purchase midsoles separately..$223 is to steep here in the phils.

    • Nightwing2303

      Yeah its one of those things where you sort of have to try them all out to see what works best for you.

  • David

    These look like they are really unbreathable.

    • Nightwing2303

      They arent too bad. Ventilation can be overrated, if the shoe harnesses the foot properly so there isnt any interior sliding of the foot due to moisture buildup then its not needed as much unless its something you prefer to have.

  • Byrne

    How is the traction so far?

    • Nightwing2303


      • eric

        i thought so because i think the outsole is like a modified herringbone x pods on the adidas hahaha!

        • Nightwing2303

          Yeah it works great so far.

  • MrGrizzlie

    No bootie slipping? I guess my only concern now is the money, haha.

    • Nightwing2303


  • Envi

    Better lockdown and fit than the Fly Wade 2s? Suprising, wasn’t expecting that with the lack of heel notches.

    • Nightwing2303

      Well i didnt say that… It has the best fit and lockdown out of the shoes ive worn this year… I still hold the wade 2 very high on the rating scale.

  • JC3

    Just curious,Can you change the insoles of the 2012 with the ones from the 2011 and vice versa?

    • Nightwing2303

      Not sure… I would think not since they are most likely shaped differently and the 2011s have carbon fiber shank plates built onto the midsole.


    Awesome review! i’m thinking of getting a pair…have you been breaking people’s necks while wearing the 2012 on court?

    • Nightwing2303

      Theyre great hoops shoes! I wouldnt say theyre neck breakers per say but ppl have been asking what the heck they are bc they look so weird.

  • Clinton

    So I’m confused….

    The Fly Around has what kind of cushioning set up? It literally just has foam as the forefoot cushioning and a Zoom bag as the bottom? I just can’t look at that insole and imagine playing it except for shooting around or something….

    • Nightwing2303

      Thats correct. I was surprised that i liked that setup the most.

  • Clinton

    Wow. BTW, I’m the guy from YouTube (jrdatrackstar) who you gave advise about the Kobe V and the shin splints and the Jordan 2010. I am loving the Jordan 2010 (they are probably my top shoes now, taking the place of the Kobe V). The only things I have trouble with is heel complete heel lockdown with my left heel. Other than that, the shoe is perfect, especially the Zoom (which I’m praying doesn’t give out quickly), and the outrigger (can’t hoop in a shoe that doesn’t have an outrigger, which is why I’m playing in the 2010 vs 2011)…

    Anyway, so the foam is like a Lunar foam type cushioning? Does it give any response or feedback, and how long do you see it lasting? I just CANNOT look at that sockliner and see myself playing in that and grabbing boards and stuff… knees would be too sore if there isn’t some type of bag in place lol…

    • Nightwing2303

      Well the foam is a bit softer than phylon but i dont know what it is exactly. It doesnt feel like lunarlon or cushlon to me but it could be cushlon. Upon their release they will sell the full system as well as the shoes with separate systems so you can choose which one youd want without having to spend the $223 for the entire package.

      Youd prob enjoy the combo midsole with the forefoot articulated zoom and heel max air.