Performance Teaser: adidas Crazy 8

Performance Teaser: adidas Crazy 8



Originally released in 1998, what is now known as the adidas Crazy 8 is a ’90s performance sneaker with one thing in mind… performance. Continue on for more…


Herringbone traction, a great feature when seen on a hoops shoe. In this case it works but has its down side. If you are on a perfectly clean floor there is absolutely no issues with the traction. Once you step foot on the court, there is almost always dust and debris… maybe not from your shoes but from everyone else who walks onto the court in kicks that they’ve been rocking outdoors. The way the traction is designed ends up catching a lot of that dust and debris, collecting it on the bottom of your shoe forcing you to constantly wipe the bottom of your shoe. Reason being is that the lines which make up the herringbone pattern are flat and close together… typical of a ’90s shoe. Newer herringbone is shaped nearly the same way with one key difference, instead of being flat it looks like little ‘V’ shaped lines which enable the grip to grab onto the floor much better. This is something that I will be able to point out a bit better on video.

I ended up using Court Grip on the Crazy 8… stay tuned for that review soon.

Another ’90s attribute is the thick and clunky looking design. While they look thick and clunky, they aren’t. Once broken in they play just as well as any other shoe made today. In fact, they may even be a bit better in the stability department. The large aggressive midsole design that makes up the Crazy 8 actually has a purpose. Its a lightweight (at the time) form of stability, especially on the lateral side. Your lateral side of the shoe takes on the most stress. Every change in direction, sudden stop or crossover results in added pressure to the lateral side. With the use of the Phylon ‘cage’, you end up having a support frame not found on a lot of shoes… no matter what era they were manufactured.

This ‘cage’ also acts a bit like an outrigger, which is missing from the shoe… something that is to be expected.

Overall, I REALLY like these the more I play in them and will get further into detail with the next teaser and full Performance Review.

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