NBA Partners with Court Grip Founders (Mission)

NBA Partners with Court Grip Founders Mission

With the 2011-2012 NBA Season starting Christmas Day, Court Grip Founders Mission partnered with the NBA as the “Official Athletecare”. Mission’s press release reads: “Developed in conjunction with Miami Heat All-Star Dwyane Wade, Court Grip features a patent-pending technology that helps combat court slippage and was tested extensively by Wade as well as the NBA […]

adidas Crazy 8 Performance Review

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The adidas Crazy 8 was a wonderful performance model back in ’98 and they still play well today. Traction — 8/10 Cushion — 8.5/10 Material — 9.5/10 Fit — 9.5/10 Ventilation — 0/10 Overall — 7.1 Value — At $100, this is a fantastic purchase for both performance and casual use. Despite the overall 7.1 […]

First Impression: Nike Zoom KD IV (4)


There are a lot of sneakers being talked about right now & the Nike Zoom KD IV may be the most talked about performance model to date. As they say, a first impression could last a lifetime… so here is my first impression on the KD IV. Traction – I honestly don’t like it… big surprise […]

Performance Teaser: Jordan Fly Wade 2


So far so good for the Jordan Fly Wade 2. While I loved the Jordan Fly Wade, the Wade 2 is a giant leap in the right direction. The shoe looks and feels durable… and it is. With the Fuse upper, we can rest assure that our sneakers won’t fall apart this time around. In […]