Air Jordan 8.0 Performance Review

Here is the Performance Review for the Air Jordan 8.0. I did make a mistake as far as the material inside the shoe goes, the inner boot is not Neoprene on the OG & Retro AJVIII… its pretty much all the same material from OG to AJ8.0. I liked the shoe overall. Best for power players...see more >>

First Impression: Nike Zoom Rookie (LWP)

  Nike’s latest Hybrid combines two of the most popular Flight models in history with some extra flare. Is this an upgraded performance beast or a ploy to get Penny fans to spend their hard earned cash? Find out my First Impression on the Rookie before I head out on-court with them… Traction- Nike could have easily...see more >>

Performance Teaser: adidas Crazy 8

Originally released in 1998, what is now known as the adidas Crazy 8 is a '90s performance sneaker with one thing in mind... performance. Continue on for more... Herringbone traction, a great feature when seen on a hoops shoe. In this case it works but has its down side. If you are on a perfectly clean...see more >>

Performance Teaser: adidas adiZero Rose 2

  I absolutely love this sneaker! I love it so much that I want to wait until the full review to go in-depth. Here is a very small teaser on the adidas adiZero Rose 2... There is literally so much that I want to say, but I will hold off a bit.  One thing that I did want...see more >>

Performance Teaser: LeBron 9

   The LeBron 8 V1 & V2 (even the V2 low) were all great shoes while the P.S. lacked in my personal opinion. What about LeBron's 9th signature? Take a look at a small teaser as far as on-court performance is concerned... The fit on most Nike models is something that I have to deal with all...see more >>

Performance Teaser: Air Jordan 8.0 Pt. 2

Performance-Teaser-Air-Jordan-8_0-Pt_-2-1The Air Jordan 8.0 has its strong points and its faults. One last teaser prior to the full Performance Review is finally here...

First Impression: adidas Crazy 8

adidas continues to impress with high quality products with retail prices set well below to competition.     Traction – Herringbone, enough said. Seriously though, herringbone isn’t always perfect as far as implementation goes. So, we will have to wait and see if these do well on-court… if not, there is always Court Grip... right? Stay tuned for...see more >>
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