Nike Platinum Elite Cushion Socks

Nike Platinum Elite Cushion Socks



Nike has introduced their latest Elite sock with the Nike Platinum Elite Cushion socks.

Dri-FIT fabric, built in arch support, reinforced toe for durability along with cushioning placed in the forefoot and heel for added protection are featured as they were with the original Nike Elite socks.

The design is quite different and I’m not sure I personally like it as much as the cleaner looking Elite version but if you are in the market for a new style of Elite socks to rock on-court or every day for causal use, these are now available at NikeStore.

  • crisscross988

    Stripes hahaha. it will look like an adidas product without the swoosh hahaha

    • Nightwing2303

      Thats what i was thinking. More colors of the original version would have been cooler.

      • Tae35allday

        Yea u rite it goes way harder and now ppl will buy them

        • kman123

          im the first person at my school to get the nike platnium elite cushion socks at my school i really stand out , but it attracts dem femalesv and money

          • Parth

            Where u get them

  • porkchopbun

    Since I can’t play good…I might as well stand out in the crowd with these socks

    • Nightwing2303


  • Gustin

    That’s a good point CrissCross. I never thought to look at it that way. I agree Night, I’d prefer to stick to the simpler yet defined statement of the original Elite sock.

  • HallofFameHoops

    Should have more colors to choose from. At least the basic colors like black and white.

  • penis sucker 101

    i like wiener in my butthole it is fun and i want those socks

  • kid

    i got 2 have them

  • stayfresh

    where can i get a pair of these?!

  • ernie

    these socks look good but skechers are better