LeBron James Threatens to Beat Up Heckler Bob Moore

LeBron James Threatens to Beat Up Heckler Bob Moore


LeBron James Threatens to Beat Up Heckler Bob Moore

It must be hard to avoid those heckling fans, and it looks like LeBron James couldn’t hold his cool.

Over the weekend, the Miami Heat played the Washington Wizards and in the fourth quarter a fan by the name of Bob Moore made a remark that I am sure anyone in LeBron’s situation wouldn’t be happy about.

Supposedly Bob Moore made a remark about Delonte West and Gloria James (for those that do not know, rumor has it West slept with LeBron’s mom).

LeBron fired back with:

“The only reason you talk [expletive] is because you know I can’t come off the court right now and beat your ass”

Moore then said LeBron continued to say a few choice words, but this is what stuck out:

“But if I had a free pass, I’d kick your ass right now.”…

Moore replied:

“I’m right here baby. Let’s go”

Of course, security stepped in. But, even if you hate LeBron, that is a low blow. Let’s put this in terms we can all understand.

You have a group of friends. You hang out every day, and one of your friends (or you think they are your friends) slept with your mom. Then a random guy you never met starts bringing it up years down the line, your not going to be happy about it.

Ok, we can argue that LeBron James is a professional, he gets paid millions of dollars playing the game we all love, but regardless he has feelings/emotions (one being anger), so it’s only right (at least in my eyes) that he reacts.

Let’s be honest. If LeBron charged the guy and laid a finger on him, Moore would have his attorney on speed dial. I don’t know what Moore looks like, but I am pretty sure that James (an athlete) would demolish a heckling fan.

This is just my opinion, we would love to hear what you guys think, so leave a comment.

Info via Ball Don’t Lie.

  • Therealgeneric

    I agree, also, it very similar to throwing rocks at a lion in a cage. The heckler felt couragous enough to do it because he knew lebron couldnt step out of the court and beat him without consequences. Yes they are athletes and get paid millions and they most instances know how to deal with hecklers but there comes a point where the hate is unjustified and the coment are way below the belt.

    • Nightwing2303

      You just dont bring up someones Mom unless you want to get wrecked imo.

      • therealgeneric

        And that’s another point I agree with!

    • TaaDow

      I Agree!

      People forget they are still human beings. Would you walk up to a stranger on the street and make those comments?

      No he wouldn’t.

  • Y2Jin99

    Well too bad. If Lebron wasn’t such a douchebag maybe he wouldn’t get all these hecklers. I would heckle him too and hope he did something to me so he could look like a lunatic and I could take all of his money. Uneducated prince.

    • therealgeneric

      I cant figure out whether you are serious or sarcastic. But if you are the former, You should try it in the American Airlines Arena. I look forward to seeing you on the news “heckler beaten senseless by fans” lol.

      Also, How is Lebron a douchebag? (i cant wait to see what you’re going to justify this with)

  • Nutty

    It’s a game, literally. The object is to try to get under the opponents’ skin. There might be jealousy and hate involved, I agree, but getting a reaction is the ultimate goal. Getting a law suit is a bonus.

  • bin

    lebron douche bag or not. thats still a low blow. i still give lebron props for not really jumping on the man unlike what happened with artest long ago. still kept somewhat cool.

  • mmouse235

    This guy gets heckled every single day, city to city and pretty much has all his movements on and off the court judged and put under the microscope. With all he puts up with, the only surprise to me is that he hadn’t snapped back at anyone to this point.

    I’m neither a Heat or Lebron fan, but I don’t understand all the hate when his biggest crime has been to leave his team during free agency (who’s never left a job before?) and isn’t considered a “winner” (a label even MJ himself had at a similar age).

  • Nguyen-Luan

    Criticizing the player for how he plays and character is allowed but going after your relatives and family members in that manner is zero-tolerance.

  • Mehdi Chow

    Athletes are to overpaid.

  • Lem

    Totally uncalled for in my opinion. You don’t bring family into situations like that. Especially a mans mother. Mom is mom and some subject matters are off limits.

  • TruFan

    Even NBA players say that there is a line and that you don’t cross it even if you hate the guy you’re guarding. If players were allowed to meet fans in the hallway not one fan would heckle a player the way they do, ask the fans that did that to the Pacers who finally had enough. NBA players are professionals and get paid millions of dollars but, that doesn’t give people the right to say whatever they feel they want to, to the players. Inexcusable.

  • f

    Who cares about your opinions you fucking asian sneaker nerds.