LeBron 8 P.S. – Additional Performance Review Information

LeBron 8 P.S. – Additional Performance Review Information


LeBron 8 P.S. - Additional Performance Review Information

I have already reviewed the LeBron 8 PS’s performance in detail in one of my latest videos. However, there was one aspect that I was unable to fit into the review due to time constraints.
The LeBron 8 PS for the most part is a great shoe. As a Guard, I did have a hard time maneuvering as effortlessly as I would in something like the Kobe VI or Hyperfuse.

In my opinion, the reason for this is that it is meant for someone who shares similar size and stature as LeBron. Is he able to play PG if needed, yes he is… is his play any different than when he plays in his natural position, no its not. Just because LeBron runs point once in a while that doesn’t mean this is a PG shoe.

LeBron 8 P.S. - Additional Performance Review Information

Now one issue that some people have has with the 3rd version on LeBron’s 8th signature came from the carbon fiber shank plate. I will say that upon trying the shoe on in store, this additional feature WAS noticeable. At the time I was wearing the Air Jordan V so that, for me, could have had a factor in being able to physically feel the added arch support provided by the plate.

I have a narrow foot, but I do not have flat or low arching feet so this for me personally didn’t bother me one bit. If anything it added some additional support for my foot which wasn’t a bad thing. For someone with low arches or flat feet, you would want to stay way from this shoe. I would recommend trying the V1 or V2 rather than the Post Season if you have these attributes.

LeBron 8 P.S. - Additional Performance Review Information

Something I did go over was the traction. Not much has changed between the 3 versions other than the PS features a more pronounced overlapping herringbone pattern which is more dispersed along the base of the outsole. This is not bad either, in fact either one works just as good as the other as long as herringbone has been implemented.

The instep of the forefoot (particularly my right foot) was an area in which I had slipping when curling, cutting or changing directions quickly. This I feel is not due to the traction itself but more on how the forefoot fit my foot shape… or didn’t rather. If I had been able to receive a greater lock-down fit in the forefoot I would like to think the outcome would have been different.

LeBron 8 P.S. - Additional Performance Review Information

Note the outsole of the V1 and PS. The V1 received a lot more wear and tear from my movements, so in this case the PS might hold up slightly longer traction wise due to its open spacing.

One way to tell how you use your feet while in a game is to inspect the traction areas frequently. As you can see here, my instep areas are heavily worn down when compared to the rest of the shoe… even more so on the right shoe. This is a great way to determine what you will need in a shoe and where you will need it most. As a Guard, I am using the forefoot more than any other part of my foot, and you can see that my right foot is my primary. So when looking for a new performance shoe, take a look at your old one(s) and see where you getting more wear and tear so you can attempt to compensate for those key areas with your next purchase. NOTE: this will not be a reliable source if you wear your performance shoes outside of playing, I only wear my performance shoes while playing in them… I carry them to the gym with me in a separate bag and lace them up once I’m on court.

Hopefully this has helped you out a little bit in addition to my video review. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

  • igohard2303

    i guess its a disappointment if ur a guard then…u think it will be a good shoe for someone 170 lbs and 5’9?

    • http://www.nightwing2303.com Nightwing2303

      It’ll work for players that arent ‘quick’ IMO. Im talking about slashing, cutting, crossover and all that type of stuff. LeBron is pure power and thats sort of how these shoes are… theyre powerful kicks but not great for someone who needs to change direction on a dime.

  • SouthBeats15

    I’m not a big collector but i try to make it a point to have at least 1 pair of each of Lebron’s shoe since the VI (VI, soldier III, VII, VII PS, 8, and 8 V2) I’m having bit of a problem with the VII PS because I have low arch. So would you suggest that I do not get the 8 PS? I use the sig line (VI, VII, 8, 8 V2) casually and the Playoff shoes (Soldier III, VII PS) for ball.

    • http://www.nightwing2303.com Nightwing2303

      I wouldnt use them if you have low arches… Ive heard complaints from others with low arches saying they hurt their feet while wearing them. You can get a pair of V2 for a decent price now and those would be what Id choose to play in personally.

  • Southbeats15

    Thanks. I’m from the Philippines and we don’t have much outlets where these would reach a low price and the have very few pairs in my size12 normally 2 pairs pair per CW per store that’s why I tend to buy it at retail which is about $185 here. Thank you for the reply man. Looking forward to more of your reviews. By the way where can we get in touch with you for questions? More power and keep it up Nightwing.

    • http://www.nightwing2303.com Nightwing2303

      No prob bro, I try to respond to everyone. If you need a faster response you can hit me up my going to the ‘contact’ section on the site and you can send me an email through that.

  • GitGuy

    Would you recommend these over the LeBron 8 V/2’s?

    • Nightwing2303

      No, i thought the V2 was the best of the three.