Jordan Fly Wade Performance Review

The time has finally come, here is my full performance review on the Jordan Fly Wade!


  1. Kembawalker15 uconn says

    yo great review…. but does the design at the toe box really wear out aesthetically that quickly?

  2. Meskhis says

    Hey Nightwing, I want to ask you one question. I see you worn Fly Wade’s and Air Jordan’s 2011. I am 5’11” SG (Side guard) and I’m looking for a new shoes to this basketball season to rock on the court. Few days before i just loved the Fly Wade’s and now I like the Air Jordan’s 2011 a little bit more, because of the Quick and Explosive sole, it would be a shoe for performance and games, so if i will “destroy” one of the soles I have another one. So now I can’t decide…
    BTW I can’t try tem out nether, I have to buy them from the internet so i can’t decide :( + you said that one of it is half size bigger and other is smaller or something like that.
    So please reply me, thank you :)

  3. Meskhis says

    Damn, hardest thing is that i can’t put them on my foot so I can’t fell the confortability….
    So Fly Wade’s and better for Shooting guard, because of the fit right?

    • says

      I feel the wades are just better overall. I loved the tech put into the 2011s but the wades were just a better shoe in general. Id love for them to have full zoom air instead of the combo zm/ air max but its not a big issue.

      • Meskhis says

        Hmmm… I had hyperfuse, there nothing like Zm/airmax in them, so I think I woulnd’t feel big differences of Fly Wade’s and AJ’s 2011.
        P.S. In foot locker the shoes cost the same

        I looked fly wades and jordans 2011, and i want to know are they Authentic? or just high price fake, think you should know :)

        • says

          The Hyperfuse only had zm air in the forefoot, wades have zm in the forefoot and heel air max. The 2011s have either full zm or full air max depending on the midsole you choose. If the shoes are on footlocker then they are legit. The 2011s are on sale now at most places, I got the Blackout colorway for $109 at a local Shiekh.

          • Meskhis says

            Ya i noticed that they are on sale at Foot locker too.
            So legit means that their are truly original (authentic)? they wont start riping after few months?

            I’m still thinging AJ 2011 or Fly Wade, but in the Foot locker, they don’t have Fly Wade South Beach, maybe you know where could i get them, ofcourse not a cheap fake :)

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