Great Performance Finds at PYS


Online retailer, PickYourShoes, has a huge inventory of great finds for your feet. But did you know they have a vast selection of performance sneakers as well?

Not only do they carry some of the latest and greatest models available such as the Jordan Fly Wade 2 & adidas adiZero Crazy Light Low, they also have some great finds on harder to find older models that are great performers.

While size selection is limited with the older stock, there is always something out there that you either once had and loved or always wanted to try out but missed out. Whether it be the Air Jordan 2010 or my personal all-time favorite, Nike Zoom Kobe IV, they just may have what you are looking for.

Below is just SOME of the older stuff they still have in stock in select sizes. The best part, if you live in the United States you received Free Ground Shipping or if you are purchasing internationally, they will get it right out to you without hassle.

Make sure you check out PickYourShoes for both the latest in performance sneakers and browse around just in case you find something great that is no longer available in stores.


    • Nightwing2303 says

      I dont remember seeing them… They had the team model. You could prob find the outdoor on ebay for a good price.

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