First Impression: Jordan 2011 Q Flight

First Impression: Jordan 2011 Q Flight



I finally got a pair of Jordan 2011 Q Flights! These were purchased at if anyone is interested.


Traction- It’s the same exact traction pattern found on the Jordan 2011 and Fly Wade. I didn’t like the traction on the 2011’s too much, however, the Fly Wades were much better due to the type of rubber they used… the Fly Wade and AJ2011 use different rubber even though they’re both translucent outsoles.

One thing I am excited about is the fact that these use solid rubber soles… if my assumption is correct, these will suit the hardwood floors much better than the translucent outsoles.


Fit- Lacing system and inner sleeve remain the same. Upon trying them on, they felt much better than the Jordan 2011. They hugged the foot from every angle of the shoe which is something they needed.


The upper is a combination of Fuse and genuine leather… yes, genuine leather! The best part is actually the Fuse material though. This is not your Nike Fuse tech; these have a Jordan Brand specific Fuse based that is much thinner and more flexible than traditional Fuse. Once the laces were tightened, the Fuse wrapped around your foot perfectly much like the Skinwire found on the Zoom Kobe V.


Genuine leather… it’s so soft!!! Smells good too…


Here is a side by side comparison to the AJ2011. The midsole on the Q Flight are a little thicker and just as comfortable. I had said in my Jordan 2011 performance review that the shoe was basically a low cut sneaker in a mid cut shell. Same thing goes here, they made the collar asymmetrical similar to the AJXIII & XIV.


Inside the shoe is the same, as I said before. The collar is a bit different and they have added some additional padding around the leather portions.


From this front view you can see the patent leather on the AJ2011 and where is warped while wearing it. They didn’t provide the wearer with enough stability, in my opinion, when the foot flexed which became a problem. The Fuse hasn’t had this problem from what I can tell from trying them on and moving around a bit.


The toe is where the most needed change has occurred. There is a toe panel which is placed closer to the toe leaving the Fuse material between the gap. Since the Fuse is so flexible, this should prevent that bowed up action the original 2011’s had. Laced are also set back a little higher with a flex groove placed perfectly where the material bends with each foot strike/ transitional movement. Again, I’ve tried them on and moved around in them and have so far found all the issues I had with the Jordan 2011 fixed.

So with that, I will say right now that the Q Flight is a greater shoe than the original 2011. Can’t wait to play in them!


  1. yo dude these reviews u do are hot, do watch my reviews? :PP dj delz… keep doing this bro more love

      • anything for a fellow sneaker head, this guy “afilagroupleader” does he keep bugging for a pair of cheap sneakers? his been bugging my vids somewhile now and i believe his poor do u think i shld give him a sneaker? oh btw he shouted out to us on his review on the hyperdunk2011 he said we inspired him man real fly real fly to get some respect :) if u would like donate him some sneakers bro xD -therealdjdelz

      • To Nightwing2303
        Your Review was awesome… Lots of info on the utube vid, Bec of u I picked up the q flight over the flywades.. 1st impression on them.. honestly I loved the lock down feel and zoom air gave me that extra lift.. ankles where hurt after playing in them but I still need to break them in..

        one question
        do u really feel the midfoot feeling on the shoe that everyone is talking about?

        on a side note
        One shoe I felt in love with was the nike zoom bb.. I went off to the army and cant find them anywhere expect ebay oversea.. do u know of any shoe that would be better than the feel of that zoom bb steve nash shoe?

        • Thanks! If that midfoot feeling is the arch support them yes i can feel it but it isnt bad.

          As for the zm BB, i heard they were going to reissue them with some slight modifications in 2012.

  2. Considering getting the AJ 2011 since it’s at $120. Or should I go w/ the 2011 Q Flights instead? Also, for a shoe that retailed at $170, do you know how many games DWade wore the AJ 2011? Thx

  3. Does this have forefoot AND heel Zoom Air units? Was about to get a pair of Hyperfuses but realized it had no additional heel cushioning, which is kinda important for me. Would you recommend these? Any other suggestions for a forward who moves around a lot to pick spots for jumpers and help grab rebounds, values breathability, ankle support, and cushioning, and needs a pair that is a good indoor AND outdoor option since I tend to play outdoors more? I love my LeBron 8 PS but the bunching in the toebox is really starting to bother me… Thanks man!

  4. I currently play in the kobe VI and I love everything about it, especially the low cut. I’m not the fastest guy on the court, I love to spot up and play the inside game doing a lot of pivots so i really need a good lock down shoes. Do you think this shoe will fit me? Also is the Q flight better the the kobe 6?

    • If you’ve liked the Kobe 6 ill tell you right now, you’ll love the Q Flight! After playing in the Q Flight, they’ve replaced my Kobes which no shoe this yr has done until now.

      • Interesting to see the kobe VI fall so hard in a few months. How does the Q Flight Compare to the Fly Wades (my personal go to shoe along with many others alike). What are your top 3 go to shoes for basketball (doesn’t matter what year they released)

  5. yo bro i shouted out at you :) thats the tempo quality coz its still being processed so the lighting and the moving of cam would be better in the processed video but for now i wanna share this with u :)))) again if u have any sneaker that u cld ship to me pls man i beg, part 2 performance review is coming, thanks for inspiring me to do this video! :)

  6. Your IP address and email address used to leave a comment match the same ones used for the person claiming to be Delz… I don’t like being lied to nor do I think its funny… if you need shoes that’s one thing but lying about things like this to attempt to get them isn’t cool at all. I’m sure Delz wouldn’t appreciate you pretending to be him on my site either.

  7. nah i actualy am afila grp leader i thought it wld be a last minute prank but u’ve figured it out easily shame on me bro sorry if u dint find it cool

  8. im indifferent between retro 5 or jordan q flight 11 after watching ur reviews lol my first pair of jordan man, i started from $10 > power (bet u never heard of it) > new balance (seriously) > adidas > nike > jordan. u me we know they are not just shoes, its more than that. i could get both but doesnt make either pair the first. so help me on this, which one prof?

  9. ive been thinkin about getting the kobe VI or the D-Roses 1.5 but these guy did suprised me (even though i havent had any pair of nikes or jordans), would you recomend these over both??

  10. hey dude i love your reviews, thinking on getting a pair of q flights, would you prefer getting these over the hyperdunks2011 and over the kobe 6’s? thanks

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  12. Hey Night Wing, great reviews man. They are great. So what kind of a shoe do you most recommend for inside courts? Also having the greatest traction, I don’t mind as much as the comfort or anything else. All I would like to know is what kind of a shoe that you prefer for traction on a indoor court