First Impression: adidas adiZero Speedwrap

First Impression: adidas adiZero Speedwrap



Upon my initial inspection, I did not feel as if this type of brace would allow me to play… my ankle is still not 100% right now. However, after trying it on I am confident that these will be able to do what the McDavid Ankle X Ankle Brace has done but better.


Super lightweight ankle protection… the adidas adiZero Speedwrap looks and feels just as it states.

The brace is made of your typical compression fit sleeve and looked to be an easy on and off… it wasn’t. Getting the brace on is a struggle but I will say that it fits perfectly once in place.


After you get your foot inside all you have to do is adjust the TechFit strap to your liking and you are pretty much good to go.


The medial side doesn’t offer much of any support other than basic compression around the ankle. This is perfectly fine as it will allow for greater range of motion and you really don’t need to restrict movement in this location as most ankle sprains occur when you roll your ankle on the lateral side.


On the lateral side there is a support bar within the materials which is rigid and holds its shape perfectly. What I really like about the feeling this wrap gives is that it isolates the problem area and takes care of the one section of the ankle instead of attaching a giant plastic shell around your foot.


The best part about the Speedwrap is that while this in on your foot, you can literally wear any shoe without compromising the fit. There is no unnecessary bulk added to the accessory and this I love.


So far… I like what I feel with this on… and they are affordable as well.

  • mastergrim8

    This is basically tape minus the bulk along with a little more support.
    The compression sleeve might hurt those with a lower arch but breaks in after a few wears.
    This is perfect for those looking to prevent injuries because it offers lateral support with a splint but doesn’t restrict movement [most of them are unrestricted]. But this is not recommended for people rehabbing or recovering from injury.

    Looking forward to your full review on those.

    • Nightwing2303

      Pretty much, much more comfortable than tape though. Im a bit worried to wear these with my ankle in the condition its in at the moment but i think i will be fine… Ill bring the McDavid along just in case though.

  • DJ

    I’ve recently been considering moving from my McDavids to the Speedwrap, so your words come at a great time.

    I’m an 11, and notice Adidas recommends a Large. Did you find that you went with their recommendation for size or go down one? I tried the L (were out of the M for comp) on and wondered if I should go down one. Despite the initial struggle to put them on they didn’t seem very snug up top and I had to crank down the strap to really feel any benefit to the lateral support bar.


    • Nightwing2303

      I think they fit true to the size suggestions… Once you get it on lol. You may be able to size down buy i dont know if the compression will be greater which may cut off circulation… You wont know until you try it out i suppose.

  • misio

    Next time try the ASO ankle wrap

    • Nightwing2303

      Ill see what i can do but for right now these are perfect.

  • Julianlee_1995

    I reallly wanna buy these but i cant find them anywhere and i live in malaysia, so its almost impossible to find these :( i feel so sad cuz i’ve been looking for these for almost 3 years 😛