First Impression: adidas adiZero Rose 2.5

First Impression: adidas adiZero Rose 2.5



The adidas adiZero Rose 2 was a great performance model and the adiZero 2.5 looks to have combined attributes from the aforementioned model with some characteristics of the Crazy Light.


Traction – These feature the same traction found on the Crazy Light with the only changes coming from the rubber compound used. The Crazy Lights had a soft and ‘grippy’ – Not a real word – rubber whereas the 2.5’s are a bit more firm. Based on looks alone they are similar to the Rose 2 however, the grooves are much more shallow so longevity (if used outdoors) may not be as apparent as it was the first time around.


Cushion – The Rose 2’s were very firm and the Crazy Lights were very soft… these are right in the middle. Under the insole is the same cutout that was featured on the Crazy Light allowing the heel to strike with much more compression than it would if the SprintFrame were solid all the way through.


A PU insole is in place as well and you cannot feel the SprintFrame which I enjoy.


Materials – Synthetics are used along the upper as well as a nubuck SprintWeb. Honestly, the materials are a little too similar to the Crazy Light which worries me a bit, especially with my ankle being so weak, but I hope the addition of the Speedwrap will aid me in the event of a potential ankle roll.  


The forefoot has a much more forgiving material than what was placed on the black/ red adiZero Rose 2 so I really like this a lot.


Fit – They fit true to size and the SprintFrame around the midfoot area seems to have been made a slight bit wider than last time… this is great as a lot of players, myself included, were able to feel the SprintFrame pressing against the sides of their feet.  

The GeoFit tech placed on the ankle collar is pretty cool. Its form fitting and somewhat firm yet soft at the same time… its sort of hard to explain how it feels but it’s a nice feeling for sure.


Ventilation – SprintWeb offers the greatest amount of ventilation and air flow on a shoe… I’ve said it a couple of times before and I will continue to say it until I find something that beats it.


Support – The SprintFrame offers great support on the lateral side while allowing movement on the medial to aid in a natural but supportive movement. I have explained this before with the Crazy Light and the Rose 2’s so there isn’t much I can say that I haven’t already said.


Overall… adidas puts out some top notch products and I wish people would see, feel and realize it. I know that there are quite a few people out there that love adidas but I know there are more that are naturally curious about the brand but never end up making the leap from other brands. Out of all the shoes I have lined up to be reviewed, these are the ones I’m most eager to get to right now… I’m almost ready to postpone the other sneakers just so I can play in these but I will wait a bit and try to get a few that have already been started finished first.

Below are some side by side shots of the 2.0 & 2.5 just to give you an idea of what has been changed/ modified.


  • Byrne

    Is there forefoot cushioning? im guessing there is, im just making sure. also, do you think that the cushioning is responsive?

    • Nightwing2303

      Its full length EVA foam just like all their shoes. Really great stuff.

      • Byrne

        is it your favorite foam cushioning?

        • Nightwing2303

          My fav foam right now is prob a tie between lunarlon or podulon… Adidas’ EVA and Under Armours Micro G are about the same for me.

  • Lance

    I played with this a couple of times.and its like im not wearing anything at all.its low tto the ground and the cushion is fantastic! Im glad that i purchased this above the wade2 but my problem is, i can only play an outdoor player, so if i wear it outdoors,ill just tear its outsole.

    • Nightwing2303

      Outdoor will def take a tole on the outsole.

  • mastergrim8

    Basically a reinforced and better made Crazy Light. This is the Derrick Rose version of a light shoe, since the original crazy lights were obviously too weak of a shoe for a player that explosive. These might be a performer of the year.

    • Nightwing2303

      Thats the impression they gave me as well. Still a little concerned about the forefoots support but i will find out soon enough.

  • LCH

    nightwing,i think this shoes is perfect for you.the geofit collar is very i think you wont get hurt with this

    • Nightwing2303

      Well i wouldnt say you cant get hurt due to the collar but it is comfortable around the ankle.

  • Lee

    The transition I’ve made to Adidas has been one of the Best and Cheapest investments I’ve ever made.

    • Nightwing2303

      Thats what im talking about!!!

    • Dom

      Same here! 170$ LB9’s – 170$ Kobe 7’s <<<<<<<<<< 109$ Rose 2 & 2.5 makes a big difference in the wallet.

  • RNizzo

    i love adidas basketball and the quality they put in their shoes. my knees and feet appreciate their cushioning too. the only thing i can’t get over is how much better some of the shoes from nike (kobe 4, 5, 6, hyperfuse 2010/2011) fit me better than adidas (rose 1.5, 2.0, crazy light). i mean, if adidas came up with something like an inner sleeve or bootie to conform to my foot then i’d make a total switch because nike’s have been killing my wallet lol.

    • Nightwing2303

      For me personally, i end up having fit issues with Nike and adidas at times due to my foot being on the narrow side.

  • blank

    I’ve played twice in mine so far and they are hands down some of the best shoes I have had the pleasure of wearing. The cushioning like you said is right between the Rose 2 and Crazy Light, which IMO is perfect, since I had problems with the cushioning, or lack thereof, in the Rose 1-2. These are firm enough to provide that responsiveness that explosive guards are looking for, but still cushioned enough to provide impact protection when running and jumping. And the traction is solid, way better than the Rose 2s. Squeaky on even my dusty rec center gym floor. Heel-to-toe transition is smooth, and the shoe just feels like an extension of your foot. The fact that they shaved off a few ounces is also pretty noticeable. And they fixed the sizing issues and the weird flexpoint in the toebox from the Rose 2 as well. And don’t get me started on the ankle cushioning. That Geofit collar is so cushy and supportive.

    In short, you need to drop whatever other shoes you’re wear-testing and give these a run!

    • Nightwing2303

      I played in them tonight for 5 hrs, im never able to play for that long, and so far there are some small issues buy for the most part they are very nice.

      • blank

        I had some problems initially with the sprint frame digging into the lateral part of my foot on both sides. It was annoying at first, but I decided to try a little fix on em. Ended up taking a hair dryer and heating up the frame enough to where it was flexible, and then laced em up with an extra pair of socks. Walked around, let em cool down, and when I was done the fit was perfect. The implementation of the sprint frame on these, the 2.0s, and the CLs does cause some irritation for people with a wider foot, but after my quick fix I feel like the fit is perfect.

        • Nightwing2303

          Interesting way to go about solving the issue… Thanks for sharing!

        • Andrew

          Hey I want to try that how do you heat it do u heat the outside or remove the insole and heat from the inside also how long?

          • blank

            i heated along the outside. took out the insole first and heated it up using low for around 30 secs, then switched it to high for another 30secs-1min until the plastic was hot to touch. then I would push on it for a little bit while it was hot to try and mold it, and then would throw them on afterwards.

          • Andrew

            Alright thanks man really helps cuz I can’t use these in game cuz it hurts my feet so I am gonna try these and try different insoles. Thanks!!!

        • ben

          i do that with my spped skates!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • benjamin

    Which one will you choose between these four on performance? Fly wade 2, Air Jordan 2012, Adizero rose 2.5 or cp3.v

    • Nightwing2303

      You can compare ratings for the wade and 2012s and will have to wait for the full reviews on the cp3.v & rose 2.5.

      • benjamin

        can you tell me now that which one is better in performance cause i am buying it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? please.

        • Nightwing2303

          Between which shoes?

          • benjamin

            Fly wade 2, Air Jordan 2012, Adizero rose 2.5, KD IV, Kobe vii, or cp3.v

          • Nightwing2303

            I put in a lot of work to inform everyone on the performance aspects of each shoe so that YOU can decide what to get and what will be suitable for you based on your specific needs, something which nobody knows except for yourself…

  • lance

    The rose 2.0 is more forgiving in terms of outdoor play than the 2.5’s. and i think it more durable too.

  • Ted Nugent

    Hey Nightwing I see that you do a lot of reviews on Adidas performance models, but will you ever do reviews on Adidas Originals? They are an amazing product, the quality on a lot of models are better than OG J’s. And they don’t charge rape like Nike.

    • Nightwing2303

      Well those arent performance models so dont count on it. But i do agree with you and love a lot of the originals line.

  • Malil9210

    is the SprintWeb more breathable than hyperfuse say like fly wade 2

    • Andrew

      Hey nightwing just want to give my experience, so maybe you can use it in the vid, but the insole of the 2.0, also included in these, hurt my feet cuz i am not a light guard. The insole is good, and soft but not thick enough to protect heavier players like SF or PF from the sprintframe underneath. Btw the Fly Wade 1’s insole helped alot, especially with the crazy lights.

      • Nightwing2303

        Good idea with the Wade insole. As for your experience, these are Guard shoes so id expect that type of reaction lol.

    • Nightwing2303

      I explained that in the ventilation section.

  • Allen

    How will these do on a concrete court? Can it last? My playing style is slashing…. Or should i pick another shoe?

    • Nightwing2303

      Its pretty shallow traction grooves so i dont think outdoor would be a good idea.

  • youngmatt

    Ay bro great reviews keep it up, I dont how u find the time to do all these reviews. Man u gotta to help us your the only good reviewer out there I keep up with all your latest stuff and listened to your adizero 2.0 vid and waited til da 2.5’s hit for da better traction but I cant decide on the all red or black ones, theirs no vids on the red ones that have a different material more numbuck than leather or real detailed review of the shoe period zero performance reviews of the shoe on youtube u gtta help us n skip st8 to it please bro. N I see that u have the black ones already but if u were somehow able to get the reds ones for a review your vid would stand out significantly aside from all ur subscribers including me, thanks yo.

    • Nightwing2303

      Thanks! I wont be testing the other colorways but usually nubuck is a bit more forgiving and flexible. It doesnt retain its shape as well as leather or synthetics though so its really a personal preference.

  • Mehdi Chow

    Hey Nightwing I just wanted to say thank you for mentioning the 2.5 in adirose 2 video , you saved my life because I did not like design of the adizero 2 and i went to youtube to saw your review and I waited for the adirose 2.5’s and I love them , they’re so comfortable and great to play basketball with. Usually with other shoes my ankles start to hurt. but with the 2.5 they’re really light , not a problem with my ankles, cushioning is amazing, and traction is awesome. I decieded to wear addidas now because I had problems with jordans and nikes in the past and i felt they were ripping me off. Thanks again Nightwing youre the man , Waiting on your review video to see your view on the show can’t wait, keep up the good work.

    • Nightwing2303

      Thanks! Glad you enjoy them!

  • Sam

    overall would you pick the drose 2.5 or the drose 2.0?

    • Nightwing2303

      2.5s are good so far, theyll accommodate a wider range of foot shapes as well.

  • Therealgeneric

    I have to say, The best performance shoes i’ve been wearing since last year were all adidas and that’s coming from a Jordan head.

    Nightwing, I’m just wondering; you made a comment about how the adizero 2 brought the outsole higher on the inner part of the forefoot which made it better because you dont slip at all when taking off but they have gone back to the crazy light template for the outsole. do you think this will pose a problem?

    Thanks man.

    • Nightwing2303

      So far i havent had any issues that were present with the crazy lights in the 2.5s… Which baffles me since they are very similar. There were a few times in the 2.5s wherr i had too much grip/stick and ended up turning the ball over… Happened twice actually lol. Sometimes ill speed up full throttle and then ease back for a second then go back to full speed, grip was so good that when i eased back i ended up tripping… Hard to explain but if you saw what went down youd understand.

      • Brian

        The Crazy Light Review was a bit scary to hear. Especially hearing about Rose’s injury the only time he played in them. I’m assuming this means that (with fingers crossed) the ankle injury problem has now been addressed? Also, how would you compare the traction performance compared to something like the Kobe IV or more recent shoes like the Jordan 2012? Curious on what company is leading the way in each of your categories…

        • Nightwing2303

          They have resolved the support in the forefoot on the 2.5s vs the crazy lights, i will get into that come the full review. Kobe IVs traction is still the best ive had and the 2012s were near perfect minus the longevity. As for which brand leads at this point… I think they all have something for everyone… I personally have been really enjoying the adidas line and jordan brand this year.

      • therealgeneric

        Thanks Nightwing, Looks like my performance shoe purchase of this year would be the adizero 2.5 then but I’ll wait for the all-star colourway.

        lol yes, I understand exactly what you mean, Ive had a similar thing happen to me before but this was while wearing my Kobe 4s, it all happened while I was unguarded which made it more embarrassing. I was on a fast break full throttle and i was getting close to the rim and i didn’t want to overshoot it so i eased back the bam! face on the floor lol.

        anyway, I look forward to the full review man thanks again.

        • Nightwing2303

          No prob bro.

  • Andrew

    Hey nightwing do you think the all star colorway would perform different or have any flaws like the YOTD KDIV

    • Nightwing2303

      I dont think so but i havent seen them in person to know for sure.

  • DRoseFTW

    in your opinion which shoe looks better AdiRose 2.0 or 2.5?

    • Nightwing2303

      I dont know… Dont really pay too much attention to looks as much as i do performance for these types of shoes.

  • Nick

    Hey everyone. I caught this website just doing a search on Google for reviews on the AJ 2012. Nightwing, awesome site, man. Love the attention to detail. I do wanna share a couple things about the D Rose 2.5s.

    For about a year a wore the Rose 1.5s. I like those shoes better than any I have ever had. They worked very well for my feet and style of play. I am a pretty quick player and I have wide feet. I love the natural feel of the 1.5s; I felt like it was a natural extension of my foot.

    I looked forward for a couple months for the 2.5s to come out. I knew I needed new shoes and was stoked for them to be released. I ordered them and put them on and wondered if they changed the fit of them. They were not as comfortable nor as natural feeling as the 1.5s. When I stepped, it felt like my foot was being forced into an unnatural gait, which I did not like. It felt like I was stepping on a wedge on the outside of my forefoot which made it feel slightly like my ankle was rolling inward (which my foot tends to do anyway).

    I wanted to like the shoe so much. I tried it in a few games in a tournament and my feet bothered me afterward which is something that never plagued me after playing ball. I ended up returning them to Foot Locker and am in pursuit of another shoe.

    Had they fit like the 1.5s, I would have bought two or three pairs and saved them. I would be willing to pay $200 for another pair of 1.5s right now-that’s how much I liked them.

    This is not to say that the 2.5s would be problematic for everyone, but if someone else is thinking of buying them as a replacement for 1.5s, I would suggest trying them on before doing so.

  • jay

    Hey i tried out the AdiRose 2.5 yesterday and since i got wide feet… my sides were killing me with the size 11’s which is my normal size. i tried the size 12 and they got a bit wider but they were still tight on me. Next thing i did, i tried on some new insoles which i added and i didnt take off the ones that were already inside the adizero 2.5s. they felt much better for some reason . maybe because of the extra cushioning. and they didnt have 11.5 though.. i was wondering if it would be better to go half size up cause i heard that people wide feet should get half size up for the adizero 2.5s. I wana know your opinion , i could just go to footlocker again and exchange the size so yeah… Oh and the seller told me this , the shoes will stretch the more u use it .. is this true ?

  • JP

    Hi Nightwing, i have reading all your reviews to the current sneakers out there it was very informative and helpful thank you.. right now i want to dump my hyperdunk 2010 and change with a new one since im having issues with my hyperdunk 2010 like sprinting i feel that hyperdunk is slowing me down sadly my forte is speed i want a shoes that would utilize my skill to its maximum!! i have carefully look for my new ones but im having a dilemma from choosing drose 2.5, wade2 ,kdIV and Air jordans 2012 personally i would really like to try the drose 2.5 but i heard that it would not last on outdoors and by the way im an outdoor player can u give me some advice mr. nightwing.

  • jp

    hi nightwing i have been reading lots of reviews and i’m thankful for that, anyway i’m planning to dispose my hyperdunk2010 to replace it with a new one but right now i’m confused in choosing from drose 2.5, flywade 2, jordan 2012 and kd4!! i play outside and my strong point is my speed i want a shoe that i could utilize my potential to its maximum. it would be really nice if u could give me some advice thank you!!

  • daver ita

    hi,i’ve just bought these shoes,and they are amazing…but i have an issue:when i play my legs get quickly tired and that didn’t happen with my other shoes bought for 60$.
    maybe the size is wrong? because i bought them a little bigger than i usually do

  • john

    For fmsome reason its hurting my left foot. The right shoe is perfect but seems like the red part inside the shoe is what’s causing it.

  • tuan

    i rolled my left ankle bad last week and now just ordered the speed wraps hoping that i won’t encounter that ever again. Been out of the court for over a week now and it sucks so bad.

  • tuan

    *was wearing the 2.5’s

  • tuan

    ps i play outdoor 90% of the time

  • ajram

    Which would you recommend for a 1 or 2 guard? kobe vii or rose 2.5?

  • Jordan/AdiRose

    I am in Asian Country and mostly court here are outdoors.
    I am thinking to get a pair of BB shoe for outdoors. I am 6′ 1” and quite heavy body.
    So I wanted to ask for opinion what shoe should I get for.
    From what I read on web, Lebron Soldier seem last pretty well. How but Jordan Evolution 85 ?