First Impression: adidas adiPower Howard

First Impression: adidas adiPower Howard



We finally have a First Impression for you on the adidas adiPower Howard. Since the adiPower Howard 2 is hitting retailers, this version will likely be getting the discount treatment… which is a good thing for those looking to find great performance kicks while saving a little cash.


Traction – Cilia traction is featured throughout the entire outsole. I have never used this type of traction surface before but I have heard good things about it. Only concern at this point is the clear outsole… I loathe clear outsoles for indoor use unless the floor is in immaculate condition.


Cushion – An injected EVA midsole sits directly under the foot bed with an insole that feels similar to the usual PU insoles featured in most adidas performance products. Typical with foam based cushions, you don’t have that step in ‘squish’ you usually receive from other cushion sources however, I love foam cushions and if these are good enough for a 7 footer then they should provide me with enough cushion throughout games.


Material – A full blown synthetic upper along with SprintSkin on the lateral panels. The synthetics featured here are soft and flexible, which I like. Other brands that place synthetics on their shoes have recently opted to go with stiffer materials for durability yet that involves a lot of break-in time which is something I wish to not have to experience.


Fit – They fit nice and snug. Padding throughout the shoe is abundant, especially in the ankle collar. This makes for a nice snug fit but not a ‘tight’ snug. These also fit true to size and those who may have wide feet could easily break-in (very little time) the upper so they’ll allow you to have a comfortable experience.


Ventilation – This area is lacking a bit, in my opinion. The tongue has perforations under the mesh outer layer but there isn’t much air flow with all the lining behind it.


The medial side is perforated however; the same thick lining is in the way. You will get some air flow but it will be minimal at best.


On the lateral side, the SprintSkin offers the most air flow. I do feel there could have been cleaner cutouts within each square as most of the squares are only punctured through instead of the skin being an actual net-like layer.


Support – adidas has placed the ‘Z’ Torsion System under the footbed for support and natural motion. This works very similar to the SprintFrame found on the Crazy Light and adiZero Rose 2 just a little more restricting for those who are in need of additional support… meaning larger players with more weight being added to the shoe.


The adiPower Howard, much like the Melo M8, is not a shoe geared towards a Guard but if these end up working well for me then they should do perfectly fine for someone twice my size.

  • mastergrim8

    Suprisingly alot of NCAA players have been playing in the AdiPower Howard 1.
    The cushioning if very good despite being built for a big guy. I’m looking forward to your take on these.

    • Nightwing2303

      I lime the cushion personally. Its firm and supportive but still absorbent. The NCAA teams may be in contract with adidas so that could explain them wearing them.

  • LCH

    this shoe seems nice,but this dosnt hv outrigger.will this matter to 1,2,3 players?

    • Nightwing2303

      The base is wide enough but i wont know for sure until i play in them.

  • Vernel

    Sick shoe how do you clean icy sole if you don’t have sea glow I live in new Zealand btw and we don’t have sea glow, is there an alternative product I can use?

    • Nightwing2303

      Well diff brands use diff types of rubber for clear outsoles. My Reebok Questions are still perfectly clear without any yellowing and ive never cleaned them once so adidas may be the same… Who knows.

  • porkchopbun


  • A-Bal

    lol finally a review of the first ones when the sconds are about to come out but thats still okay as not many people would want a review for these and because there are still a lot of sizes left for these.

    • Nightwing2303

      Better late than never right lol

  • MrGrizzlie

    Non-sig colorways are already on sale at eastbay for 65 and I’m thinking about having my pal in the US to grab a pair for me (I’m in Thailand) .

    From what I’ve read, Howard’s models are critically acclaimed for being versatile enough for other playing styles. I’m a wingman who do a little bit of everything so this might be a perfect match for me. Hope you enjoy the shoes!

    • Nightwing2303

      Yes they are and from what ive seen with players ive gone up against wearing them, theyve looked very versatile.

  • Evan

    Do you have any experience ordering Limited release shoes at online stores such as eastbay or footlocker. shoes like the chinas, cannons, christmases, bhm, entourage or so on. I always try and i get the wait sign and then it says they are unavailable! Do you have any experience or tips with this?

    • Nightwing2303

      Not really. I tend to buy what i like and usually they are just the basic general releases. Around my area some of these colorways that are seen as limited just end up sitting on shelves and i just never really like them enough to drop the money on them.

    • porkchopbun

      Hi Evan

      From what I read…you really need to be on the ball with these type of shoes…some people follow Nike’s twitter accounts….or they have “gold member” statuses with Eastbay…where they get heads up etc…also…..I’ve heard of “sneaker heads” just calling Niketowns across the states…just to get those “limited” editions. …My buddy’s his KD IV weatherman that way…from Niketown San Fran…call in..paid the shipping etc…

      BTW…i came upon these …so if you want good deal on BG’s Hyperdunk Kia version

      And I’m with Dick Grayson (NIghtwing)……you should buy what you like really “like” not cause of the hype…just like comic books, baseball cards, etc…these collectors items are only worth what people are willing to pay for…

      • bin

        spot on! i learned that the hard way!

  • Jay*

    I don’t know why but the traction on these looks super sketchy..

    • Nightwing2303

      It does but ive heard good things about this type of traction so ill just wait and see.