Court Grip Review

Court Grip Review


Here is my review on Mission’s Court Grip.

Here are a list of the ingredients that were listed.
1. Acetone

2. Proprietary Blend

3. Silica

Just as a note, there is a lot of text inside the sticker label, ALL of it was warnings explaining how flammable the product was and to be sure to keep the product away from your hands, eyes and mouth… all this and NO safety cap… insane!

Hopefully the review was helpful for you. Courts need to be properly maintained and shoe companies need to provide you with ample traction, you should not have to rely on a product like this while playing basketball.

  • Steve

    Very soon we will release a product called Court Grabbers that finally solves the problem of slippery courts and shoes, but in a much different way than ever before. Court Grabbers allows you to clean the sole of your shoe and apply a safe and effective grip “gel” to your shoes, while on the court , during play! This product has been tested with players from 8yrs old to 40+, AAU, high school, and College players and coaches and referee’s and has been found by all to be extremely effective in safely restoring grip during the game.
    There are no harmful chemicals, no awkward application process and it’s very easy to use.

    If you would like to find out more about Court Grabbers, visit our test site and register your email address and we will keep you informed as we progress to our launch in the Spring. You will also be eligible for a discount in price when we launch.
    This site has been used for testing only, but explains the concept behind Court Grabbers.
    Our new retail and educational site will become active sometime in March.

    To the gentlemen who provides these reviews, I would be happy to send you a kit to review as this product is for all those who have been frustrated by this problem and we have been able to develop Court Grabbers only by listening to the feedback of our testers and consultants.

    Safe, effective grip is on the way.

  • ralph

    Always ready for something new!