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Air Jordan Performance Reviews on the latest basketball releases.

The Jordan Fly Wade 2, for me personally, is the performance shoe of the year. For most of the categories involved within its performance...

Air Jordan 8.0 Performance Review
Here is the Performance Review for the Air Jordan 8.0. I did make a mistake as far as the material inside the shoe goes,...

http://youtu.be/fycOm29lxjg Hit the jump to read a little more info... Traction 00:52- 9.5 Cushion 2:37- 10 Material 5:49- 8.5 Fit 5:49- 9 Ventilation 10:10- 7.5 Overview 11:28 Overall score 8.9/10 Pros- The solid...

The time has finally come, here is my full performance review on the Jordan Fly Wade!

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