Air Jordan Performance Reviews

Jordan Fly Wade 2 Performance Review


The Jordan Fly Wade 2, for me personally, is the performance shoe of the year. For most of the categories involved within its performance features, I feel it performed above average in key areas. Traction – Very good traction despite the the use of story telling aspect. As I stated in the Fly Wade 2 Performance Teaser Pt. 2; if the smaller traction design had been used … [Read more...]

Air Jordan 8.0 Performance Review

Air Jordan 8.0 Performance Review

Here is the Performance Review for the Air Jordan 8.0. I did make a mistake as far as the material inside the shoe goes, the inner boot is not Neoprene on the OG & Retro AJVIII… its pretty much all the same material from OG to AJ8.0. I liked the shoe overall. Best for power players and high fliers. Guards that travel without the ball and roam around the perimeter would … [Read more...]