adidas Crazy 8 Performance Review

adidas Crazy 8 Performance Review


The adidas Crazy 8 was a wonderful performance model back in ’98 and they still play well today.

Traction — 8/10
Cushion — 8.5/10
Material — 9.5/10
Fit — 9.5/10
Ventilation — 0/10

Overall — 7.1

Value — At $100, this is a fantastic purchase for both performance and casual use. Despite the overall 7.1 score, these are highly recommended in my personal opinion. Please take note that the reason the overall score is 7.1 is only due to the fact that I rated the ventilation at 0. Even with this low ventilation score, the fit made up for the lack of ventilation and helped keep the foot in place while playing in them perfectly.

When looking at the rating scale, you must pay close attention to the areas that are important to YOU. Example: If you need traction and fit over all else, the rating given to those areas are what you should be looking at… not the overall score.

  • RNizzo

    so is sneakerfiles now? and what happened to all the useful comments?? 😐

    • Nightwing2303

      I have merged with SneakerFiles to bring you guys even more content with performance/ product reviews along with updates on upcoming products and performance sneakers. The look may be different but i will still be personally interacting with everyone as if nothing has changed.

      We are trying to get the older comments over now but not sure if we will be able to at this point.

      Feel free to leave comments or questions regularly and i will be sure to answer back.

  • Question

    I liked the review. on point.

    I was wondering would you ever lace up the 3m part to give some more ankle lockdown. (threading the lace through the 3m strap near the tongue)

    • Nightwing2303

      Yes, i pointed that out in the review. If you use the 3M loops you will have superior lockdown in the heel.

  • Frankie

    How wide or narrow are these shoes? I haven’t tried them on yet and I don’t want to go out and try something that’s going to be too narrow on my feet. I have a semi-wide foot, btw.

    • Nightwing2303

      The best way to determine is to actually try it on. They fit my foot perfectly which is not the same shape as your foot so i cant say too much about it. If you try them out you may want to go after a colorway that features nubuck instead of leather as those are easier on your feet and require a little less break-in time.

  • MrGrizzlie

    Just got the Crazy 8 in DRose’s colorway. I must say I’m impressed. One of the best fit I’ve ever experienced, very soft and plush on the inside. I can tie them as tight as I could without feeling any pressure. Traction is good, not dead sticky, which is how I like it to be.
    I must say you played a big part behind this purchase. Thank you very much!

    • Nightwing2303

      Awesome! Glad you have enjoyed them so far.

  • hp

    How does the Crazy 8 compare to the Fly Wade 2? I’m looking for a shoe with great court feel.

    • jdot

      crazy light 2 or 3.5