Nike Zoom Revis – Shane Victorino PE

Nike Zoom Revis – Shane Victorino PE



Between Darrell Revis and his manager John Geiger wearing them all day, every day, the Nike Zoom Revis took the crown as one of the most talked about trainers of 2013.

Although scrapped from Nike’s production line, several PE’s are still out there. Amongst the pack, Boston Red Sox player Shane Victorino has his own version of the signature trainer. Outffited in red leather and mesh materials, this Nike Zoom Revis PE displays graphic overlays, “18” embroidery, and reads, “Don’t Worry About A Thing, Cause Everything Little Thing Gonna Be Alright” – lyrics from the late Bob Marley.

What’s your take on the Nike Zoom Revis – Shane Victorino PE? Stay tuned as there may be more PE’s floating around.


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  • Rob Tz

    Stephon Rip Tate Jetson

  • Tupura Moosman

    Ashley Lee-Chan Look at deeze SneaKeeRRs oi !!

  • Ashley Lee-Chan

    Oh shit lol

  • Ephraim Alemu

    Oh my oh my