Nike Zoom Kobe VII (7) ‘Christmas Day’ Official First Look

Nike Zoom Kobe VII (7) ‘Christmas Day’ Official First Look


Nike Zoom Kobe VII (7) Christmas Day Official First Look

This past Wednesday we previewed a pair of Nike Zoom Kobe VII’s that were said to be his Christmas Day kicks. Today we can confirm that those are actually the Year of the Dragon Kobe VII’s and these are the Christmas Day’s that everyone has been anticipating.

They look to be a part of the ‘Predator Pack’ with a panther (or some sort of big cat) located on the heel. Spots have also been incorporated onto the upper which is something fairly different for a player dubbed ‘The Black Mamba’. This pair also resembles the ‘Chaos’ colorway which many should enjoy as well.

Release information hasn’t yet been confirmed however, our sources say the YOTD Kobe VII’s will hit retail come mid January.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII (7) Christmas Day Official First Look
Nike Zoom Kobe VII (7) Christmas Day Official First Look

  • AndreFRiSCO

    The cat is obviously a leopard b/c the spots. haha

  • Kyle


  • VII. XII.

    The Spots represent the Cheetah for speed plus leopard spots dont look like that.

  • bdogg

    these r flat out sick!! must coop for me..wanna see what reg tongue looks like. i assume violet and red logo??

  • jay king

    these remind me of the dragonball z colorway (cell)…

  • mario

    @AndreFRiSCO FYI a panther is a leopard #readabook


    PASS….. Not excited….It’s a Panther. Glorified Hyperfuse…..

  • Big Mase

    WTF. I would laugh at anyone rockin’ these and I’m the biggest Kobe fan there is…….


    I stand corrected. It’s a Cheetah. I said it was a Panther. But they’re still ugly and non innovative.

  • G

    These are awwwwwwwwwwwwwwful! Unfortunately someone will buy these.

  • bOOKER b

    just nuts… but nothing worth over the retail. no way



    • Pete

      Even Barney didn’t look this bad.

  • garry

    they ok. and they will sale like hotcakes cause the kids wear those bright colors.

  • Pat Kintzele

    Those arent his Christmas shoes. His Christmas shoes are red and green. These are part of the animal pack that is out. There is a “Shark” color-way as well.

  • snobtype

    This is what the green goblin will wear should there be another spiderman movie. lol

  • Eddie Griffin

    these are so sick how can i get a pair of these shoes

  • Jonas

    These shoes need to be vetoed by Stern

  • smarkos

    i dont really see how these are a Christmas style shoe

  • Joe

    I love Them Kobe

  • Dre

    They, who gives a shit, Kobe’s wearing them……daaah. This debate sucks already why r we talking about shoes when there are bikinis!!!!!

  • Michael R

    Those are cool looking shoes! I look forward to buying a pair. I wish they had covered the entire shoe in purple leopard print.