Nike Zoom Kobe IV

Nike Zoom Kobe IV


Nike Zoom Kobe IV 4

Have already seeing the debut of the fourth installment of Kobe Bryant’s signature sneakers with Nike, we get a more expanded view at a the upcoming line. The current reigning MVP’s Zoom Kobe IV is not limited to the traditional Los Angeles Lakers colors, it features more neutral make-ups including a Zoom Lebron-esque model in the first row, second column. However, we do get a choice of several Lakers inspired styles including a MPLS model. Lastly, the low-cut Kobe IV’s are finished off with Kobe Bryant’s autograph, clarifying that this is his signature shoe. Via Chajin Young.

Nike Zoom Kobe IV
Nike Zoom Kobe IV

  • MOMO


  • E-MAN

    i wont believe kobe is really switching to low tops until i see him wearing them on the court.

  • spencer

    i agree with E-MAN,,,

    kobe is alwayse talking about support for the ankle and shit and now hes switching to a low top????

    he must be getting paid a shitload

  • ronin

    looks like its out of the kobe trainer line of shoes or hyperdunk low tops…they suck. Kobe needs to hook up with Tinker

  • avi

    this shoe seems like it was inspired by the huarache 2k4 just like low top

  • avi

    this shoe seems like it was inspired by the huarache 2k4 just like low top

    but its still sick

  • h_notes

    they are not lows they are mids just like the adidas koke 2's

    I have to have the black white and gold 1's

  • TxBallin


  • ****

    this ***** look like runners quite disappointing


  • efrain

    these look more like mids then lows but at least there way better than the lebron vi lows those are just a cheap rip off of the af1's


    nice direction they are going compaired to the last kobe's that were funky looking. they are going with the flywire and lunar lite foam with this one. so they are going to be durable and light and even more important. lots of cusioning. i guarantee they are gonna be comfy!

  • SB Addict

    ^ur right but it still should be a high top.

  • DC DunKing

    who cares who wears them and I hate Tobe Bryant anyways and this shoe sucks! I dont care about tech support either, its ugly! All for the lames and Tobe fans!


    KOBE is going to bust his ankle!


    UGLY AZZ FUCK!!!!!

  • LOL

    Wow "DC Dunking".. Tobe Bryant??? Can't come up with anything better? If you're gonna be a hater, actually have some ammo for it..

  • AC

    Damn…I love the new shoes. I have to get myself the pair of black and white. Nice shoes kobe….i'm loving the shoes.

  • code 808

    hey this shoes is nice specially the black and white..the only thing is i haven't seen this in the store. where can i find this shoes? anybody?

  • Lancer

    I have been waiting for the black and white for a while. I'm def getting these God willing when the money is right!!

    Ddd for the black and