Nike Zoom Kobe 5 (V) Sample

Nike Zoom Kobe 5 (V) Sample


Nike Zoom Kobe 5 (V) Sample

With the Nike Zoom Kobe IV (4) almost at the end of its retail reign, we now have our first detailed look at a Nike Zoom Kobe 5 (V) Sample. Nike decided to go with a low-cut design again, but there are definitely many differences between the ZK4 and the upcoming ZK5. The ZK5 will feature a full length Zoom cushioning to increase comfort and a full mesh tongue to increase breathability. This pair hosts a black upper accented by purple laces, a white swoosh, and what appears to be flywire technology on the side panels. Bryant’s logo and signature appear on the tongue and heel, respectively. Please note that changes will most likely be made before the Nike Zoom Kobe 5 (V) is eventually released later this year.

Via FlightClub.

Nike Zoom Kobe 5 (V) Sample

  • DB

    look like track shoes

  • louis king

    hey i understand that these r samples not official, but u have to do something outstanding to wow me on a low top shoe, if this was the acctual release i would dissapointed.and i understand that now shoes r all about performance, but that shouldnt hender the look and creativity of that shoe. and that goes for the kd2's too.

  • CG

    These better perform well. haha. They look like a pair of classic nike's. I liked the ZK4's more to be honest…

  • louis king

    dese craps lok like friking soccer kiks

  • pip44

    Read elsewhere that this is ONLY a hybrid not the shoe, thank goodness

  • Boshfan

    Lovin the five dots on the back. For those of you that know what that means.

  • VinnyB

    Look like some baseball cleats. Kobe is the man and Nike hooks him up with the wackest shoes. Nike needs a complete overhaul. All of their new sneakers are disgusting.

  • DennLive

    This is not it…Not even close…

  • ray

    <ILovin the five dots on the back. For those of you that know what that means.</i>

    the 5 dots are cause it's the Zoom Kobe 5.

    Don't be smoking like it represents the fifth ring he's gonna get next season cause that isn't what it stands for.

  • ckru

    They look like Steve Nash shoes (which isn't a bad thing).

    How 'bout Kobe just retires from the NBA and joins MLS already if he wants to wear soccer shoes in sports competition so badly?

  • Dice

    These look like some bootlegass zk4's. Kobe deserves better, and if the shoe doesn't work out atleast he has good commercials.

  • frank

    I guess we all forget that Kobe has to "O.K." the shoes before any samples are made.

    Shoes are made for him and what he wants. Not what everyone else wants him to have.

  • b-magic

    4 steps fordward 5 steps back

  • eldon c

    these are not them

  • ksadfg

    Ewww KOBE NOO!!!!!

  • RoadKillKitty

    I think this will be called as "Crap Dems"!!!

  • jr_lyon

    these look so cheap and ridiculous it's not even funny. i hope this is a joke or a realy early sample. they better have redesigned and changed the whole shoe!!!!

  • RoadKillKitty

    I think this will be called "C.R.A.P DEMS"!!

  • His Airness

    Oh you cannot be serious! Kobe is designing these? I know it's a sample, but if the final product look anyway like it, I am passing on these!

  • CW1LL

    Wat Tha Fuck…Kobe ass feelin his self 2 much these r fukin horrible !No

  • Lil Keith

    mane why they doin my boi Kobe like this lol

  • jerry24

    yeah, that's what all you fools said about the 4's. They were crap, they were ugly, "pass"…..then you all ate your words and they flew off the shelves and became classics. So shut the f#@& up!!

  • allen


  • Kong William

    If this is the sample. There is minimal hope for the final product. After all this being said I'm an Idiot I'll still end up with them in 1/2 the colorways!

  • zoilo

    no way…..looks like soccer shoes or something..

  • jason

    these look an awful lot like low cut hyperdunks with leather for the entire upper. and the five dots aren't for a fifth ring or cause its the kobe five, it's because it's an alpha project shoe.

  • gabe

    yeah those five dots don't mean the championships [or the one more he has to go to get five]. nike puts five dots on a sneaker to show that the shoe was made once and never edited [seen on a old nike shox basketball shoe]. i hope this is not the case; these look like soccer cleats without the cleats.

  • njljkjllj

    these suck balls

    if the guy from da nike said watwas da truth the real shoe better be tight sikeeeee nachoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo its ok to wear stretchy pants

  • njljkjllj

    dese shoes suck nachooooooooooooooooooo

  • njljkjllj

    nah im jus messin kobe will bak dis sheeze up

  • abbas


    they need to add some of tat mamba flavor

    these look like wat u find at marshalls -_-

    there missing what kobes r known for

    SHARP looking

    cutting edge u could say

  • Felix Young Fu

    Zoom Kobe V !?

    Are you kidding ?

    Football shoes or Basketball shoes ?

  • Ryders46

    I hope they can come up with a better final design. Everybody hated the ZK4 when they first released. Now everyone wants one!! Cant wait for the final design and i know it will grow on me…. KOBE U LEGEND!!!

  • VoodooChild

    Yeah, the 5 dots are the Alpha Project logo. Fitting since dude is the Alpha-Male of the NBA at the moment. Kobe is that dude, and deserves the best performance sneaker out there, since he's performing the best. I got $250 sitting aside right now to cop 2 pair of these whenever they come out.

  • alvin

    it really really not fit the black mamba.

    pls nike.u can do way better..

  • asdfghjk

    kbiv's are WAAAAYYYYYY better. don't mess up with the v. hope this is not it. btw, the lebron vii is looking better. don't let it happen kobe.

  • Kuso

    The outside are ugly like ass, looks decent in the inside

  • kb4lover

    thats kb 5 sample?a training shoe?hahahah

  • papis

    I don't think they're the real shoes !!

  • ronh

    These are alright i would hoop in these the zoom 4 and 2 's are the best so far.

  • jeff

    no one will wear them. it's for the wbna shoe, it's not a men shoe. is kobe gay?

  • Ryan

    i have two zoom IVs and i think they are much better than the samples, i really wish and PRAY to god the release aint like this. Kobe even said at his singapore tour that he love the next one coming out which is the five, then i think he got some bad taste man

  • 痔瘡

    請問這是zoom kobe v嗎 那麼快就設計好了

  • Irwin

    total disappointment compared to the Kobe (IV), worst kobe design ever! hope it stays as a sample, a failed one.

  • danny

    these are not them, I got mine from LAINEOUTLET.COM last week and they are 100% authentic and they come in a few colors…check it out!

  • BigBri

    Loved the 4's… But these??? Yuck. Hope the Nike dude is saying facts. I don't like Lebron but his 7's are hot

  • kblaboy

    These shoes need a major improvement they look like indoor soccer shoes

  • rekhavoc

    day luk lyk slip'rz a lil day mus b realy lght bt n-uda classic kobe sneak!!!

  • oska

    MMMMMMMMM. look a bit like soccer shoes, i recon the IV was much better looking shoe