Nike Zoom Kobe 4 – West Coast – White / Purple

Nike Zoom Kobe 4 – West Coast – White / Purple


Nike Zoom Kobe 4 West Coast White Purple

After seeing the full collection of the fourth installment of the reigning MVP’s line with Nike, two of the Zoom Kobe 4’s has surfaced the internet. Marquee Sole has both the West Coast and white/purple models available in selected sizes. The West Coast Zoom Kobe 4 sports a black/varsity purple/medium grey, while the tongue consists of the words “Carpe Diem” and 97/09. The second Zoom Kobe 4 appears to be a little more traditional in composition, featuring the Los Angeles Lakers’ white and purple. Catch both of them on Marquee Sole.

Nike Zoom Kobe 4 West Coast White Purple
Nike Zoom Kobe 4 West Coast White Purple
Nike Zoom Kobe 4 West Coast White Purple
Nike Zoom Kobe 4 West Coast White Purple

  • aaron

    dang, i like the look but i juss cant ball in em. i juss cant. kobe will shatter his ankle this year, juss watch.


    They are clean, and the overall design is basic, but I sure hope Nike doesnt try to price these higher than $110.00. I don't think I would even pay $90 for these honestly.

  • Al23kingz

    These look very nice. a clean look, very sharp. But couldnt they make it high top =S hope is like the gilbert arenas where they make a high top and a low

  • Rareairtone

    These are actually kinda cool. I wouldn't have paid any amount of money for the 3s but these are ok but I agree with Al23kingz, they needed this to have a high top version. Why the hell are they staying in low top with these? or releasing low tops first? these would have been raw in midtop though.Either way, straight basketball shoes like this are never my style. for now it's dunks, 2000s retro jordans, and probably any clean forces that come out. I'm not a formidable consumer for nike least they got me only wearing their shoes

  • moosecow417

    these aren't going to put your ankles in mortal peril, they're mid cuts just like the Jordan III's and IV's

    i've liked what i've seen so far, but these pics make me reconsider. the toebox looks very round. overstuffed with paper perhaps?

  • Air Jesus

    these r nice im gona buy

  • zz

    these look better than they did before…

  • Air Jesus

    when they drop??!!

  • Hotel

    My boyfriend told me to read your post and I dug it

  • ohye.

    considering that there's flyiwre in these shoes.

    these shoes will probably be ligther than the hyperdunks.

    which is a definite plus in most books.

  • look at that

    i agree

  • 23rd star

    are these ones high top

  • sjsdkfhjlk

    If you by these well break your ankle and I think these shoes shuld be street shoes