Nike WMNS Dunk Low CL – Loganberry

Nike WMNS Dunk Low CL – Loganberry


Nike WMNS Dunk Low - Loganberry

The Women’s releases continues with this new Nike Dunk Low that is tuned with a flower print that surfaces the whole upper combined with Loganberry on the swoosh. Overall, the latest Women’s releases have been relatively solid and many have looked better than some of the tacky Men’s release that feature strange color-ways and weird patterns.

But nevertheless, the production of Women’s models has been slow, but is slowly making its way back on to the scene. The Loganberry Women’s Dunk Low has been reported to be an Asia exclusive model, but keep your eyes peel for online retailers selling the new release including

Nike WMNS Dunk Low - Loganberry
Nike WMNS Dunk Low CL - Loganberry
Nike WMNS Dunk Low CL - Loganberry

  • akbar

    1st, not bad

  • akbar

    1st, sucks

  • sneakerhead

    2nd lol

  • amphibious

    Anyone know if the flowers are printed or scalloped out like Safari leather?

  • Yes Sir

    amp: It's printed obviously. It's good for spring and summer! are you getting these?

  • amphibious

    No, I'm not getting them… just on my never ending quest to fill my brain with sneaker knowledge. 😉

  • DB

    gross, except maybe if youre six years old

  • Mr.Dunktastic

    mos def gonna have to cop

    just for my Names sake

  • Sneakerhead3321

    to loud…

  • nella

    def. copping the 2nd pair..its just a must cuz itz sooooo sexy

  • riss x0

    damn i actually love em.

  • Riica

    Is this still available?