Nike SB P-Rod 3 Released

Nike SB P-Rod 3 Released


Nike SB P-Rod 3 Released

Paul Rodriguez’s third signature shoe from the Nike SB camp, the Nike SB P-Rod 3, is available now at select retailers worldwide. Skaters will adore the model’s premium black leather upper, low-profile stance, and “Safari Print” overlay around the toebox. Paul’s signature is emblazoned on the tongue and red fabric inner lining should provide comfort for hours of boardin’ pleasure. The Nike SB P-Rod 3 is available not at skate retailers worldwide.

Nike SB P-Rod 3 Released

Via Extra Butter NY.

  • Hella_Shmart!

    ewwwwww!!! the 2.5's look way better. lets see what Koston brings!

  • badass

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