Nike SB Lunar Oneshot “Grey/Mint” – Available Now

Nike SB Lunar Oneshot “Grey/Mint” – Available Now


Lunar One Shot GreyMint

After checking out the new Project BA, Nike turns around and gives us a different model with another ill color scheme. These kicks come with a full lunarlon sole that happens to be white in this case, but also has mesh on the tongue as well as the heel slit. Most of the upper is Base Grey while the inner lining and Nike branding are all Crystal Mint. Tonal laces finish up another top notch Nike Skateboarding shoe that can be found at SNS, or wait a few more days to find them at most Nike retailers.

Are you feeling the “Base Grey/Crystal Mint” Nike SB Oneshot’s? Tell us in the comments section below and stick with Sneakerfiles for updates on Nikes and much more!

Lunar One Shot GreyMint

Lunar One Shot GreyMint

Lunar One Shot GreyMint

Lunar One Shot GreyMint

Lunar One Shot GreyMint


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  • Phillip Wèber

    Try em

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    What’s up with these ugly shoes?

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    Ëmon Capistrano

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    That’s me

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    Christian Hernandez

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    So much love

  • Eddie Redice

    Why are they selling summertime shoes in the winter.

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  • Aikins Osei Goggles

    so real!

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    Angello Alvarez

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    I have the red an black ones

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    Gray! My favorite color!!!

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    Baran Şk

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  • George Gurule

    Adrianna Baca I want these for Christmas babe they only cost a zillion dollars haha

  • Anna Stephanie

    I would love these

  • Yung Berg

    I know niggas in Cali Loven These!! Every Dude I see frm Cali rockn skips all kinds!!

  • Sandhu Kuldeep

    Lovish Handa

  • Ricky Cousineau

    Sean Clark

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    Oh yeah George Gurule that’s pocket change!

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    Woo hoo! :)

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    Yeah right.

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    yan po sana ibibili sakin kaso po inunahan nyo ko eh hmmmmmmmmmm

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    el precio..??

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    Amanda I want some of these!

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    Candy they are hella cute!!!

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    I need oh I need….

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    These are dope!

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    Nice one