Nike Penny 1/2 Cent Black / Metallic Silver

Nike Penny 1/2 Cent Black / Metallic Silver


Nike Penny 1/2 Cent Black/Metallic Silver Pre Order

Following the release of the Black/Green Spark and Metallic Silver/Black Nike Penny 1/2 Cent comes a new color way, and a chance for those who missed out to cop a pair. The simple black on black upper is lightly contrasted by metallic silver. The Nike Penny 1/2 Cent Black/Metallic Silver is not scheduled to release until next month, but you can head over to eBay to pre-order a pair for $240, so act now to make sure you get a pair.

  • SJ

    i just jizzed my pants, i've been waiting for this post since i seen the green and black ones for the first time. y'all sneakerhead folks think i'll be able to get these on pickyourshoes or somethin' like that

  • MJC

    I was just on and didnt seem them yet, but I sure they'll be there, def tryin to cop these as well.

  • Cholly Da Beat Man


  • SneakerFreaker

    $240 this is got to be a joke, this has to be a guiness world record for the most over priced nike shoe in history, Why the F*** would the retail these for $240? Pure Garbage, only worth $135 if anything.

  • sneakerfriend

    does any one have a sneakerplay invite i can get i want to join them

    hit me up at

  • naga

    ima get the ones that drop in october

  • SJ

    they don't retail for 240, i think the extra money is the "reserving" pricing or something since it's eBay…they should be the same price as the blue ones

  • SJ


  • naga

    they gunna be like $180 this fall

  • FLyKiDD26

    its says pre-order for $240 but regular retail should be around $160

    but these pennys are nice

  • MO

    I wonder if these joints are actually comfortable.

  • bigjay

    anybody know what stores there gonna release in New York *I'll apreciate it*

  • eldon c

    copped at Foot Action this morning on 34th