Nike Mid-Autumn Festival Pack

Nike Mid-Autumn Festival Pack


Nike Mid-Autumn Festival Pack

Nike has always had a strong connection to Chinese culture and continues to demonstrate the ties with the Mid-Autumn Festival Pack. The pack is modeled after the Mid-Autumn Festival, an important event in Chinese culture.

The pack consists of a trio of sneakers, the Terminator, Blazer and Air Max 1. Each model is composed of a dark red and gold color-way alongside extensive details including laser etched designs featuring the rabbit/hare, a significant icon in Chinese history. Unfortunately, the Mid-Autumn Festival Pack is exclusively available to Hong Kong and China retailers. Via hb.

Nike Mid-Autumn Festival Pack
Nike Mid-Autumn Festival Pack

Nike Mid-Autumn Festival Pack
Nike Mid-Autumn Festival Pack

Nike Mid-Autumn Festival Pack
Nike Mid-Autumn Festival Pack

  • NikeHead

    They are all fresh except for the Terminators, thats because i've never been a fan of them anyway.

  • Jiggz


  • devronb

    i third tht

  • IkonRadio

    Blazers are the prize of this pack IMO!!!!!!

  • pk

    Those AM1 with the perforated toe-box are the t!ts.

  • Damy Ade

    asw … get ur stupid fake crap from here u fake sellin fag!!

  • tha_artist

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha asw so broke he cant even afford no advertismenthe gotta post comments to try push hiz fake shit!!!! hahahahahaha


    this pack is iite agree on not feel tha terminators too much..blazers might be copped if i got sum xtra cash 2 spend, not a must buy tho.

    btw, jus took a quick "tour" on asw site lolz…a few of tha must see items r the see though 7z,the all burgundy 22s,the 7.5??? n a Gucci new era

  • iMcFly

    They should've done the dunks…that would've been tight…

  • we_r_not_da_same

    fuk all u terminator haterz dem bitchez iz all fly as fuk u shuld hate on them air max 1

  • 23

    trash that toe cap on them blazers… too good to be true if it didnt have it..

  • J-money

    blazers r proper

    hate tha terminators tho

  • TWAN

    them is the coldest blazers ive ever seen…

  • Anthony

    WOW THOSE BLAZERS GO HARD (only cuz ima fan of blazers :D)

  • kw


  • Sneaks

    Those are All Courts not Blazers.

  • ZPRM

    Having all 3 is a must.

  • FullMetal

    the terminator are the best than the blazer the air max r nasty

  • swaggs

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn those blazers man……..

  • Harold Jenkins

    The pack is hot but sorry to tell you but those are not Blazers those are Full Courts

    NOT BLAZERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harold Jenkins

    Sorry I hit "F" instead of an "A" All Courts

    (My Bad)