Nike LeBron XI (11) GS ‘Fruity Pebbles’ | New Images

Nike LeBron XI (11) GS ‘Fruity Pebbles’ | New Images



Contrary to what some reports may state, LeBron James’ favorite breakfast cereal is definitely Fruity Pebbles. As first reinforced through the debut of the 2006 Nike Zoom LeBron IV “Fruity Pebbles” new images of this year’s version arise.

As characterized by its bright red and multi palette, the Nike LeBron XI (11) GS “Fruity Pebbles” is one heck of a shoe. Just look as the uppers reflect the light, or how its outsole uses colors of the rainbow – amazing! Unfortunately for now, these kicks will only come in gradeschool sizes however we’ll surely let you know if that changes.

Enjoy our best look yet below and be sure to stick with Sneaker Files for any word on a release date.

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  • Eddie Redice

    it may just be me but i believe a bigger swoosh would have helped this model

  • Jason Barely Heard

    Fruity pebbles, cocoa pebbes, rice crispy treat…. It doesn’t matter what the name this shitty ass shoe it’s never gonna blow

  • Jason Barely Heard

    This shoes wack like soggy cereal

  • Chris Gottagetitrightbuddy Barbee

    Trash!!! Bruh right above me, you said it perfectly, Wack like Soggy Cereal!!!

  • Chris Gottagetitrightbuddy Barbee

    Crazy thing is that it is gonna blow, that’s what these skin tight wearing fuck boys like these days!!! Fuckin Fags!!!

  • VicRoc Rivera

    Yo Eddie,They could sew a swoosh that go over the whole shoe and dem shits would STILL be ugly AF,LOL!!!!!

  • Josh Bama Boy Green

    King Syph. I don’t really do the lebrons but imma cop these.

  • Van Dale

    Anthony Tucker

  • Emanuel Fontenette

    Seems forced but it’s kids only so it doesn’t matter.

  • Johnrichard Torres

    Why do people pay 250$ for lebrons and never touched a basket ball in there life

  • Mercedes-Benz Slr McLaren

    Why won’t they do a men’s version!?

  • Victor Spotty Burns

    Shoulda named them gushers

  • Oscar Poterański

    Skittles 😀

  • Jamal Ponchatrainsoulja Butler

    Zayra Aurora Fuentes

  • Danielle Renee

    When these drop ?!

  • JJ Cornelio

    Cena 11 ?

  • Zayra Aurora Fuentes

    U trapped me either here or inbox huh lol

  • Bea Sen

    Skittles! Haha

  • 吳家佑

    Vincent Li

  • Fredrik Johnsen

    Isak Avdo

  • Joshua Gerard Tagle

    LEBRON 11

  • Ryaad Millman

    so fucking nice!!

  • Marlon Merino

    i this shoes !!!!!!!!! lol

  • Marlon Merino

    i sorry i lke it!!!!!!!!!

  • Rrj Rull

    i like that…

  • Bryan Mariano

    looks. like. a. robot. shoes. but. cool.

  • John Holley

    Jieun Kim

  • Bunzo Estepa Jr.

    hahaha,ill buy u later

  • J-key Jun-chang Nadera

    Where can i get one???

  • Drusty Tallent

    Make these adult sizes and under $250

  • Bryan Tanksley

    They need these for adults

  • Quainisha Lockett

    They look like gushers

  • C.j. Bandru

    Jesse Jankowski these are the only acceptable pair

  • Pawel Damn K

    Omg yesssss

  • Jordan Rodriguez

    Nathan Ramos look

  • Andrew Jonhson

    Lebron 11 are sick

  • Aguinaldo Lazarini


  • Daijaunte Platt

    Those go hated

  • Mercedes-Benz Slr McLaren

    I wish they would drop in adult sizes

  • Penny Oddon


  • Chancey Gannz

    They’re rubbing off on me

  • Laurence Aquino

    looks like nerds XD

  • Yanii Boo


  • Brittany Lynn Carter Presutti

    Ught red is ugly to bright

  • Rob Maldo

    Fruity pebbles are lebrons favorite cereal

  • Harrun Chua

    ugly :3

  • William Shepperson

    The Varsity Reds are the only ones worth copping

  • Eric Flores

    Spookie Sosa

  • Spookie Sosa


  • Niccolò Carta

    Nicholas Manca beccatele nere

  • Jessica Pasamba

    wow ganda.gnda dn cguro ng price

  • Trey Rummele


  • Zach Shomin

    Mariya Floyd