Nike LeBron X (10) ‘Easter’ Custom

Nike LeBron X (10) ‘Easter’ Custom



While Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day has brought forth several memorable sneaker colorways that date back as far as 2005, the Easter holiday has also revved up some pretty sick models. On the custom side of things, there’s offerings like this Nike LeBron X (10) “Easter” custom.

Made for Pacers guard George Hill, DMC Kicks does a great job with this Nike LeBron X as it displays a gradient upper that reveals pink, yellow, and turquoise accents that contrast well with this silhouette’s silver details. To note, this custom stems from the “Canary”.

Would you like to see George Hill lace up these kicks later this season? Check them out keep it here at Sneaker Files for more from DMC Kicks.

  • Mark Guevara Valerio


  • Kendus Stringer

    Like these! Different!

  • Angello Alvarez

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    I might have to get me a pair

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  • Aj Adower Corley

    I wear them shits on easter

  • Daniel DeAngelis

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  • Bzo Glover

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  • Ben Ope Storey

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  • Giulia Ravenna Corvi

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  • Abraham Killuminati Martinez

    Should of called these “prism”

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  • Remi Best

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  • Charles Bailey

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  • Samuel Glanton

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    Not to be worn in public but should be in good care

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