Nike Lebron 11 GS “Fruity Pebbles” – More Detailed Pictures

Nike Lebron 11 GS “Fruity Pebbles” – More Detailed Pictures


Nike Lebron 11 GS "Fruity Pebbles"
This isn’t your favorite childhood cereal, what we have for you today is more pictures of the Nike Lebron 11 GS “Fruity Pebbles”. This particular sneaker features a hot red base, pink inner lining, orange laces, and a “Fruity Pebbles” multi-colored soles.

There is no word yet on when these sneakers will release or how much this pair will cost, but stayed tuned to Sneakerfiles as more information becomes available.

Scroll down to see more detailed pictures of the Nike Lebron 11 “Fruity Pebbles”.

Nike Lebron 11 GS "Fruity Pebbles"
Nike Lebron 11 GS "Fruity Pebbles"
Nike Lebron 11 GS "Fruity Pebbles"
Nike Lebron 11 GS "Fruity Pebbles"
Photos via SneakerGaga.

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  • Markus Adadrian Hernandez

    Legit af! Haha

  • Anthony Martell

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  • Mark Molina

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  • Dat Boii Moe

    Why ya hating on these LeBrons?? Cause ya can’t afford them Lmao Lebron is the best basketball player in the world

  • Rrj Rull

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  • WaterBoyy Pagans

    Jordan Gill hell lmfao…only real reason i want the Miami nights are because they best ones that came out and they put allot of tech in that shoe want to try em out

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