Nike LeBron 11 “Akron Zips” PE

Nike LeBron 11 “Akron Zips” PE


Nike LeBron 11 Akron Zips PE

With the way the Nike LeBron XI has been rolling out in a variety of collegiate PEs, it was only a matter of time before the Kings eleventh signature wound up in Akron. Posted below is a look at the “Akron Zips” Nike LeBron XI PE. Even though LeBron skipped college for the NBA, his kicks have been making their fair share of campus hardwood tours. Continue reading after the jump to check out another look and be sure to let us know where these rank amongst your favorite PE kicks.

Nike LeBron 11 Akron Zips PE

Photos via ZipsMBB

  • David Burney

    Man I love these shits. Fuck I got to get these

  • Thomas Daniels

    Look like a wrestling shoe…LeBron

  • Jocelyn MissPavi Williams

    The Nike sign looks out of place…..

  • Мариян Вълев

    just bought themm :)))

  • David Echevarria

    Nice not bad

  • Shawn Sy

    It’s Fugly

  • Trey Djtreycash McDougle


  • Obed Buzay LaMar

    Nenge wa ncombe

  • Travis Jones

    I’m tryin to get them dark vader

  • Nikki GodsGift Hinton

    They ugly

  • Bryan Villasenor

    Them hoes ugly as fuck.

  • Darrius Kiwan

    Uglyyyy like fukk

  • Sabastian Wong

    Cullen Rokotavaga