Nike Hyperize – JIMI

Nike Hyperize – JIMI


Nike Hyperize - JIMI

Nike’s Hyperize was last seen in a combination of black, red, white and the word “DREAM” on the inside of the tongue, but the Hyperize will be releasing one more interesting color scheme. The Hyperize consists of several designs and colors including black safari print on the upper, orange accents on the midsole and tonuge, a laser blue sole and acents and black and white stripes on the inner lining and insole. This Hyperize is being reported to have the nickname JIMI with no official backstory. However, the right insole reads, “You can listen to Jimi, but you can’t hear him”, a quote taken from the movie, White Men Can’t Jump. Stay posted for more details.

Now available at Marquee Sole.

Nike Hyperize - JIMI

Nike Hyperize - JIMI

Nike Hyperize - JIMI

Nike Hyperize - JIMI

Nike Hyperize - JIMI

  • coachk

    The quote is from the movie White men Can't Jump.

  • ohookk

    I like how the tongue tag flips up like the hat brim in white men cant jump.

  • TechNutt

    ha ha ^^ so true. Pass on the kicks

  • Blue Movie

    Navy coming early October, order yours today! Nike+ sensor sold separately to get the kit and take your running to the next level. Blue Movie

  • E-MAN


  • Uconn

    Those are straight fiyaaaaaaa,i will def. cop them!

  • AYO

    Thnk he waz tlkng about hendrix in the movie

  • High top boi

    i want to masturbate to these!!!!!!!!!!

  • High top boi

    i want to masturbate to these…..!!!!!!!!!

  • headydb

    left insole should say "i might be a chump, i just said it's not my name"

  • DonSneakers

    this is part of the white men can't jump pack, the other hypersize is base off the woody harrelson character, these are base on the wesley snipes character…hints the flip up brim on the tongue

  • metal etiket

    great thanks \o/