Nike Foamposite “Wolverine” Customs by Dez Customz

Nike Foamposite “Wolverine” Customs by Dez Customz


Dez Wolverine Foams

After seeing some of the crazy cartoon designs on the Nike Foamposite such as Dr. Doom and Carnage, Dez Customz stays with theme but with a character on the better side of evil. This time around Dez took this Foam and gave it the complete “Wolverine” treatment with an all-black tongue, laces and inner lining while a shiny royal blue sole takes its place on the bottom. The upper is decked out with two murals of the Marvel character, a roaring Wolverine on the outside of the left shoe and the right sports a heroic “chest out,” claws flexed picture of the beast. Yellow, blue and red were the main colors for the portraits while the carbon fiber plates were left alone.

What do you like about this “Wolverine” Foamposite custom by Dez Customz? Let us know in the comments section below and stick with Sneakerfiles for updates on sneakers and gear daily!

Via @dezcustomz

  • Emanuel Alexander Mateo

    Mike Perez

  • Aundray Davis

    These better than tha Spider-Mans and Weathermans brah Jalen Johnson

  • Jalen Johnson

    I Got The Thermals

  • Betrthan Iusedtbe


  • Jay Moon

    Michael Merk

  • Les Wild

    Lamarius Micou

  • Javier Bardiel L√≥pez

    Looks like those horrible air brush painted tees

  • Aundray Davis

    Ah Jalen Johnson

  • James Hall

    All these foamposite customs remind me of 03 when everyone was rocking custom Airforce 1’s

  • Dewuan Jefferson

    Reminds me of a generic xmen video game from the 80s.

  • Eric Jackson

    Lol @ Dewuan Jefferson’s comment.

  • Kevin Byrne

    These are hideous.

  • Elmer Newsome

    Shamar-Mar Shand

  • Shamar-Mar Shand

    Damn bruh bruh I Def gotta have these good looking out Elmer Newsome

  • Cesar Maggio


  • guest

    these are shitty. da fuck are those? pitchforks?

  • Cody White

    No grown man should wear those but if you 14 you’d get all the teenage pussy

  • Christian Rodriguez

    Who would wear those?

  • Eda-Sneakerhead Maxwell


  • Demetrius Hines

    Not even……

  • Stacer M. Sam

    Logan found your shoes Ray Kaleb Luke

  • Christian Vonthien

    Marco Marvelous

  • Abby Gareis

    Lanie Mings get these for sure

  • Lanie Mings


  • Devirous Sanders