Nike Foamposite “Foambuiton” by Ruovo Co.

Nike Foamposite “Foambuiton” by Ruovo Co.



You don’t have to do much to make a pair of dope shoes customized, just checkout these new Nike Foamposite customs from Ruovo Co.! The Nike Foamposite “Foambuiton” by Ruovo Co. are all white Foamposites, decorated with gold and silver studs and nailheads on the upper. Since the shoe is all white, the gold and silver studs shine effortlessly on top of the clean base. To complete this pair of Nike customs, Ruovo Co. has included a custom wooden box to ship these in! Check out more detailed pics in the portfolio over at Ruovo Co.!


  • Malachi Walker

    Forget about being unique n diffrent cause that doesnt apply….Those are the ugliest sneakers ive ever ever seenin my life!! On quote!

  • Malachi Walker

    Completely ugly

  • Raym Postedwt Raymonte

    Step on my shoe if u want to

  • Diondre Wavee Banfield

    Should of dyed the sole red

  • Patrick Kelly

    Dislike the hell outta these !!

  • Carlo Narcelles

    FAIL! You can’t make Louboutin customs and not have red bottoms

  • Anthony Mitchell

    looking like a white bowser shell lol

  • Chris Loogi Montanez

    Hell nah

  • Curtis Jones

    wtf is that?

  • _14goode
  • Sherman Ske

    these are fucking retarded

  • Sosa Martinez

    For once I dislike a foamposite

  • Shawn Lockhart

    Foam is so ugly.

  • Frank Mota

    These look like Madonna foamposits

  • Nguyen Dang Duc


  • Goodsmob LuxeBeats

    no… No… NO!!

  • Jason Legrand Ricci

    The most ugly foam i ever see

  • Nicole Williams


  • Nico Wess

    Wtf is this.

  • Aim High


  • Nicole Williams

    Davon Hursey #Ugly lol

  • Adrian Joseph


  • Ignazio Ramirez

    Fugly foam I’ve ever seen

  • Jay Malloy

    No good set those on fire..

  • Lucas Lee

    Ugly af!

  • TrapGod X Garmon


  • Junior S Flores

    Lol hot garbage!

  • George Yap


  • Robert Threadgill

    Terrible !!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Steven Pham

    Wtf is that xD

  • Jaysen Dodge


  • Dnice Streetwize


  • Skyler Williams

    Same as mine

  • Felix Guider

    I don’t care what anyone says I like these. At least on the picture

  • Scrooge McBucks


  • Christian Colorina

    stupid kicks

  • Cj Gloryboy Mcneill

    Gtfoh boi..

  • Jonathan Castillo

    Rudy Jay-walkingg Aguirre

  • Angela Ashwood


  • MedusaMedusa

    sneakerfiles oh hell naw

  • Eddie Redice

    Im starting to think its mandatory to have on leggins or tight sweat pants to have your pic posted on here

  • Rick Natureboy Flayer


  • Edward Lukens

    Oh an ass scratching while I walk finally someone invented one lol ctfu

  • Aim High

    These joints look like a sugar cookie with sprinkles…

  • Callum Mcghee

    Niel Armstrongs gay cousin called and he wants his boots back..

  • Frederick Council

    You expect someone to “PAY” to wear these….

  • dopedealaaa


  • Ariel Rivera Jr.

    This nigga bedazzled his shoe

  • illmaticx6

    dopedealaaa turrible

  • Marcus Boitnott

    Prettty gay

  • Rocketman Kickz

    wack af tho

  • Xaviel Ramos

    Nick Stirk

  • Tony Live-Free Jenkins


  • Donovan Butler

    Ugly…..stomp u out the game wit those

  • Erick Vargas

    those shit ugly -__-

  • Daniel Wallace Jr.

    Df they ugly

  • Leon Yao

    Damien Qiu William Lin tf is this

  • Bobby Rodriguez

    Niggas be like.
    Custom kicks.
    These are horrendous. Ruined a pair of white outs.

  • Xen Black

    dafuq :'(
    Joshua Nexuss Santiago Allen Michel Jonathan Rosario

  • Xen Black

    Nileaj Hills

  • Joshua Nexuss Santiago

    how come Nileaj gets his own comment

  • Xen Black

    because I forgot to tagg him :'( lmaoooo

  • _AsiaWilliams_

    sneakerfiles mack_boy_32 them hoes skluu

  • Joseph James

    Def ugly and I don’t comment on shit lol

  • Joseph James

    Def ugly and I don’t comment on shit lol

  • mack_boy_32

    _AsiaWilliams_ sneakerfiles god they

  • Jared Hilaire

    Good feet for you bro Swiishner Macclearr

  • Jared Hilaire

    Good feet for you bro Swiishner Macclearr

  • Juarez Yung

    My guy has way to much free time on his hands

  • Juarez Yung

    My guy has way to much free time on his hands

  • William YungVicci Gaskins

    Please stop with this Bowser shit… lvl 9-2 like ish smh

  • Eddie Alvarado


  • Reggie Taylor

    Definitely garbage, yea wat Tony n Donovan said for sure!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xavier Rocha

    come on really… ugly.

  • M’du Dearnae Nkomo

    ugly shoes…i hate em

  • Brian Delrosso

    Who ever wears these pieces of shit is a clown

  • Beavis Turner

    Did he not spike the medial side? If not shits are not on point.

  • Beavis Turner

    People act like the foamposite aint one of the most coveted pair of nike sneakers.

  • Damien Qiu

    hoo ma got wtf

  • Chris Bluntz

    Try stealin that shit you’ll get fucked up

  • Jeff Holyfield

    Wale had em on last week

  • Menace Gonzales

    Go home bro . Your drunk …

  • Tom Jacobson


  • Damien Has


  • Aaron King Jr

    These get a “come on son”

  • Lee Campbell

    Sick!wish I was 18 again

  • Chris Shearin


  • King Libra


  • My’aysia Lloyd

    Ugly asf

  • Marcus Lynch

    ugly as hell

  • JayJay Savage Boii

    Ugly lmao

  • JayJay Savage Boii

    Lady gaga custom?

  • Antonio Montana

    what a waste

  • Mark Cheze Hasan Qureshi


  • Eloy Blackheartgang Valadez

    Jeremiah Ratliff

  • Jeremiah Ratliff

    Sick af Eloy Blackheartgang Valadez

  • Roderick Pleasant


  • Dakota Crites-Osmun

    Oh… Goddamn you ruined some nice kicks. Ughh

  • ‘Σώ τος’

    Imagine a kick in da balls..

  • K’sean Darby


  • Dániel Daniboj Buza

    Richárd Sike

  • Daniel Garcia Davila

    I thought you couldn’t ruin a bad shoe.

  • Taii’yyaon Wilson

    Trash lol

  • Carlos Perez

    please. no.

  • OrtizUriel13

    sneakerfiles Only For Show Not Too Wear! ##Truth

  • Ronald Yantis


  • Mechanical Popper Hoàng

    is that WEIRD

  • Rapper Magno César

    More or Less ….

  • Lisa Townsend

    Ewwwww Lose Tha Spikes?

  • Janelle Moorhead