Nike Dunk SB – Spring 2010 Samples

Nike Dunk SB – Spring 2010 Samples


Nike Dunk SB - Spring 2010 Samples

Many have claimed that recent Nike SB releases have not been upto par, but it seems as though Spring 2010 could bring the Nike skateboarding division back to the top. Today, we have a look at six sample Nike SB Dunks that are expected to release in Spring ’10. All six pairs have their own individual flavor, and are all definitely worth checking out as the release date nears. All three Dunk Lows and two of the three Dunk Highs host white midsoles to give the sneaker a clean and finished look. Be on the lookout for all six pairs next year. Click to Purchase on eBay!

Nike Dunk SB - Spring 2010 Samples

Nike Dunk SB - Spring 2010 Samples

Nike Dunk SB - Spring 2010 Samples

Nike Dunk SB - Spring 2010 Samples

Nike Dunk SB - Spring 2010 Samples

Nike Dunk SB - Spring 2010 Samples

  • JurZey

    Sb has turned to trash…they falling off hard

  • nguyen-er

    what happened to stuffed tongues??

    now they look like normal cls and crap. -.-

    SB FAIL.

  • scrillz

    3rd highs look like co jp cave dunk lows. DOPE!

  • Andres

    There all nice colorways …..No Puffy tongue…No copp =/

  • steez

    nothin special:/

  • godzilla

    whats going on here…

    no puffy tongue?!?!

    thats what made the sb's unique

    now they just look like normal dunks

    thats a NO NO!!!!

  • Mr.k

    i stioll rock cuz color but yeah also need to add the puffy tongue my friends in skool all they wear is sb and that what they talk about the tongue its sponge while i have a flat tongue on my jordan spizz ike's

  • Mr.k

    guys look at the pic where it shows em from top they actually do have spoongy tongue its that u cant see it on the side pic its hiding in the shoes

  • 23

    if the douchers at nike sb would glance at a forum for 2 seconds n see peoples reactions to there changes, theyd prly reconsider getting rid of the fat toungess.. but there too ignoranttt.

  • bitemeblinky

    I am missin the fat tongues but Im likin some of these color schemes. especially the second pair of hi's. that yellow on the side is like BAM its nike muhfuckaaa

  • Weanz

    i only cop the first and the 3rd

  • cameron2319


  • keothakid!

    Nike said the team didn't like the padded tongue…

  • SiGGa CEE

    That blk/orng/blue are siiick so is the brwn/tan ones.

  • timcinnati

    all those dunk highs are so sick

    sb aint trash one bit

  • angie


  • smack!

    i gotta say i love these people who say nike sb has failed well i also love the simple nice colorways that are coming out good sh!t keep it up less people to cop a pair except those highs wit that stupid yellow burst

  • FatKoS

    The lows have the same tongues like the high tops they fu*ken suck

    cant even put my jeans under the tongues anymore atleast in the highgs i can but on them lows not anymore.. if they dont stop it with them thin tongues sb will go down…

    Blazers n Highs its all I buy now…

    Im very disappointed with the lows now…

    I wonder if the Yellow lobster will come with fat tongues…

  • godzilla

    i always hear ppl complaining bout the tongue not being fat who gives a shy* 4reals they still clean

  • FrescoSNKL

    ok to all the fools that say the tongues are still fat….WRONG

    nike got rid of the fat tongue for sb's …where yall been?

    but sb's are fallin off…smfh…i like the 2nd pair tho…it does look like a "POW" or a "BAM" lol

  • kev..

    i need the WHITE and PINK boxes again…

  • anthonymacc702

    fuck sb dunks now their acting like real asshole bring bac the puffy tongue or stop making sbs