Nike Dunk SB Pee Wee Herman Pre Order

Nike Dunk SB Pee Wee Herman Pre Order


Nike Dunk SB Pee Wee Herman Pre Order

I have received a lot of questions asking when the Nike Dunk SB Pee Wee Herman’s will release, and finally a small update. Online skate shop CCS has the Pee Wee Herman Dunk SB apart of the Fallen Heroes Pack are available for Pre-Order. CCS has them listed for $89.99 which is a good price (no hype inflation).


    these r the best dunks ive ever seen

  • Marcus

    Joints are hot imo.

    Plain and simple does it for this shoe.

    Not to mention the insole being the icing on the cake.

  • OG Head

    Save your cash and go buy some Lion SBs

  • LifeIsBall

    these are dope. Does Anyone Know If They're Gonna Come Out Anywhere Else?

  • Sherpa

    This has to be one of the best SB design ideas ever.

    Cant wait.


    copped my pre-order.

    i was looking for em on ebay.

    couldn't find my size.

    i also wish they came with red laces..

    to bring out the sneaker.

    but those are mos def copped!

  • Moni

    Very Nice!Very Nice!!

  • trevor

    yo i coped a pair of these last friday.. they r sick man

    even better in person

    i also picked up a pair of the p-rod 2 easter colorway

  • kyle

    dag. they ain't have my size. guess i gotta hit up the skate shops now.

  • morgAN

    yupp i pre-ordered my pair! THEY are so fresh.. how could u pass them up…

  • VIC


  • peezy

    picked up my pair last week, soooo fresh! im just tryin to get my hands on the matchin tshirt!

  • shoe pimpin pimpin

    Just coped my pair with the matching shirt. Can't lie, they are the hottest yet conservative dunks that I have. Ya heard!!

  • slacker

    i got these yesterday, wish they came with red laces tho, only grey and white

  • slacker

    oh almost forgot, peep the inside of the shoes, you'll find PeeWee sittin by himself in the theaters doin you know what LMAO!

  • draco

    lol i have them they are so clean man damm i love them i just bough the sb 3 bears they so siick 2

  • aairy

    does anyone know what i can find them now??? i want a legit pair! hit me up plz if u do!

  • @nt-@nt

    them shoes is hot where can I get them from.

  • steven

    hey ive been looking for these shoes it costs about 100 right?

  • bigbill were do i pr

    were can i pre-order

  • J Dubbs

    where can i get a pair of these. If anyone knows let me know

  • pawn80

    they came out about a year ago so no pre-orders :)

    you can find them on iss or sb forums…

    take a look in the market places.. or try ebay.

    I just found some DS pairs but thy are about $180.

  • ahamed

    Danm your nki shoes are of the hook

    they are sick man

    one question how do u order nki shoe online?

    what website do i go to?

  • m00ney{sneakrhead}

    igotta havem 4 skool


    GOT EM FOR SALE ANY TAKERS?!?!? $350.00