Nike Chukka Posite -Detailed Look

Nike Chukka Posite -Detailed Look


nike-chukka-posite-detailed-lookLittle is still known about this particle sample of what is rumored to be the Nike Chukka Posite. Based on the silhouette of the sneakers though, it could be possible that these are another installment for LeBron James’ signature line. The shoes are rather close in design to the Nike LeBron 11 sneaker model with a familiar set of outsoles and toe box. We’re picking up on some slight Yeezy-influence, with the lumpy ridges stacked along the rear. The Nike Chukka Posite is draped in a metallic silver, carbon fiber material, with turquoise lace holes, and an icy blue outsole. Check out some more of the angles on these mysterious samples below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

nike-chukka-posite-detailed-look nike-chukka-posite-detailed-look nike-chukka-posite-detailed-look nike-chukka-posite-detailed-look

Photos via SneakerGAGA

  • Justin DeWalt

    Andrew Fuller

  • Carlo Fameron

    Emmanuel Calapan

  • Eddie Redice

    nice colorway but jeeper lookin design

  • C.j. Clarence Jr Syas

    These are nasty! Chauncey Syas cop or squat?

  • Chauncey Syas

    Got to see em in person. Look straight but not worth no 2bills C.j. Clarence Jr Syas

  • C.j. Clarence Jr Syas

    Chauncey Syas Yeah 2 honchos is steep. They dope tho. Hey it ain’t tricking if ya got it!

  • Derwin Hill