Nike Blazer Mid -Vintage QS

Nike Blazer Mid -Vintage QS


Nike Blazer Mid Vintage QS

There’s no way to go wrong with a pair of Nike Blazers. They’re super comfortable and can be worn for almost any activity. The Nike Blazer Mid Vintage QS sneakers are made with a grey felt material, with a metallic, highly reflective swoosh. The soles have a vintage treatment applied to them, giving the shoes a super cool vibe. The heel tag is a metallic silver as well, which ties the entire pair of sneakers together to perfection. Currently, these sneakers are exclusively being sold to Nike Quickstrike members. More pictures below!

Nike Blazer Mid Vintage QS

Nike Blazer Mid Vintage QS

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  • Joslyn Romero

    Joe Dominguez you need these baby!!!!!!!

  • Veronica Molina

  • Iamz Poppinz

    Love a blazer!!!

  • Subrata Sadhukhan

    Nice shoes

  • Jamal Ponchatrainsoulja Butler

    i dont like those

  • Zayra Aurora Fuentes

    Ta go jogging loo

  • Jamal Ponchatrainsoulja Butler


  • Zayra Aurora Fuentes

    Different color tho

  • Babou M’roots

    TiTii LaTess

  • Marco Rcs Jimenez

    Dafuk.? What Are those.? Nike tighten up nigg.

  • 사공민규

    임도엽 사줘

  • Estrada June Gudito

    idol !

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    Oh men!!

  • Allen Salas

    Ang ganda naman

  • Cedric Ceddy-Boo Carlos

    Max Ethan Jeremy Falconer Brad Trevisan Matthew Barker. What do you guys reckon, should Sebastian Joseph cop a pair? Lel. Love you, Seb :p

  • 임도엽

    사공민규 거러지야ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 사공민규

    임도엽 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Bhing Acosta Angoluan

    I like it for my son…

  • Iam Batmann