Nike Air Trainer SC High “Broken Bats”

Nike Air Trainer SC High “Broken Bats”


Nike Air Trainer SC High Broken Bats
Baseball season has officially started and what better way to start the season off with this special edition of Bo Jackson’s Air Trainer called the Nike Air Trainer SC High “Broken Bats”. Decked out in Kansas City Royal’s team colors, the “Broken Bats” is covered in details that will not go unnoticed. A pixelated Bo Jackson is branded on the tongue, while wood grain-like graphics are found on the upper. Lastly, Bo’s no. 16 adorns the back heel and the words “Broken Bats” are found under the icy soles. The Nike Air Trainer SC High “Broken Bats” are pretty sick and you’d be silly to pass up on these. Luckily they are starting to hit select retailers including Titolo but we’d advise heading over there now before they sell out. Don’t forget to let us know what you think.

Nike Air Trainer SC High Premium Quickstrike “Broken Bats”
Colorway: White/White-Wolf Grey
Product Code: 638074-102

Nike Air Trainer SC High Broken Bats
Nike Air Trainer SC High Broken Bats
Nike Air Trainer SC High Broken Bats

  • Junior Barajas

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    Them are fresh as fuckk.

  • Jonathan Crain

    Jonathan Crain

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    Wat u know bout them lil nigga lmao

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  • Jonathan Crain

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    Any info on the US release?

  • Jeremy DellaPenna

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  • Anthony Fullylove

    Bet i get um 1st tho

  • Mark White

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  • Jesse Godfrey

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  • Hae Shearls

    They just bo jacksons wit different colors. Nice lookin but very uncomfortable#word

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  • Hugo Zox

    nice???? no quite

  • Mike Barnes

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  • Pruek Cha-Em


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    Those are the Bo Jacksons… Not Jordans….cmon man

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  • Eddie Redice

    these look like fakes compared to the OG version

  • Aaron Miller

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  • Aaron Miller

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  • Rae Brown

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