First Look: Nike Air Max Hyperposite 2014

First Look: Nike Air Max Hyperposite 2014


First Look: Nike Air Max Hyperposite 2014

It looks like next season we will see the big men dominate the paint in the newest Nike Air Max Hyperposite, the 2014 edition but today we get a first look at the shoes.

Nike has put the Air Max Hyperposite 2014 on a diet while eliminating the extra weight with die-cut Posite and mesh. As well, they have added a full length zoom air unit.

The two most popular NBA Players that wore the 2013 model are Chris Bosh and LaMarcus Aldridge. Both are battling in the Playoffs and it would be nice to see the two lace them up now.

Do you think the redesign of the 2014 Hyperposite looks better than the 2013?

First Look: Nike Air Max Hyperposite 2014

Via badboy.

  • D.j. Ford

    Danny Garcia

  • Job Brown


  • Carlos Lima

    Saca Fabricio Faro

  • Jacob Villareal

    Rory Jade Pangilinan

  • Randi Martinez

    Logan Rodriguez look at these

  • Fabricio Faro

    Eu vi Carlos Lima

  • Osvaldo Juarez

    Marvin Loarca

  • Michanical Norrell

    meh. call me when they ID them.

  • Travis Murree

    Ugly as shit

  • Roberto Arellano Garcia

    More shoes for kids to get shot at

  • Darrin Williams

    Definitely more breathable than the last model.

  • Cesar Maggio

    Andy Arto Benlian

  • Tiriq Cromartie

    Dim shoes dou

  • Logan Rodriguez


  • Devan Murfin

    I’m sticking with last years hyperposites.

  • Eddie Redice

    they look like the 2009 huaraches with a airsole unit and some shapes cut into them

  • Jerry Ainsworth

    Tony Jeffares

  • Mel MB Moore

    Them shits is wicked fuck the colorway that will change

  • Kįńg Råçį Bøūt Įt

    these bitches lookin like NEWBALANCE HYPERPOSITE

  • Brian Hannon

    Ray Torres

  • Patrick Macaraeg

    Andrei Angeles kuha na

  • Andrei Angeles

    Patrick what?

  • Patrick Macaraeg

    kuha ka na hahaha

  • r111