Nike Air Max 90 “Ultimate Warrior” Customs by Freaker Sneaks

Nike Air Max 90 “Ultimate Warrior” Customs by Freaker Sneaks


nike-air-max-90-ultimate-warrior-customs-by-freaker-sneaksFreaker Sneaks has created an awesome pair of tribute Air Max 90s, following the untimely passing of WWE’s Ultimate Warrior.

Freaker Sneaks pulled inspiration for the Nike Air Max 90s from Warrior’s eccentric costumes and signature mask, and uses volt, orange, black and fuchsia pink tones throughout. While orange appears to be the dominant color of choice, the Air units in the midsoles all arrive in volt, and fuchsia accents are scattered all over. The overlaying panels on the uppers see a pattern of the Warrior’s mask, with custom heel tabs that resemble Warrior’s mask, complete with peering eyes. Custom WWE tongue tags round out these wild kicks.

The color scheme is hot, and appropriate for summer. We’re sure these are customs that The Ultimate Warrior would love! Keep scrolling for photos of the shoes, and if you’re interested in getting your hands on these shoes, contact Freaker Sneaks– only 16 pairs will be made, so move quickly!

nike-air-max-90-ultimate-warrior-customs-by-freaker-sneaks nike-air-max-90-ultimate-warrior-customs-by-freaker-sneaks nike-air-max-90-ultimate-warrior-customs-by-freaker-sneaks

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