Nike Air Max 1 SP ‘The Monotones Vol 1’

Nike Air Max 1 SP ‘The Monotones Vol 1’



Could the upcoming Nike Air Max 1 SP “The Monotones Vol 1” possibly have a connection to the recently previewed Nike Air Force 1 Low SP “Grey Speckle/Carbon Fiber”?

Well, that would certainly pass as an educated guess as this Nike Air Max 1 takes on a similar speckle grey and carbon fiber combination upper. Not only that, but this new style also dons speckled laces, patent leather Swoosh branding and a matching midsole.

So far, the Nike Air Max 1 SP “The Monotones Vol 1” appears to be a pretty solid concept. Stay tuned to Sneaker Files for more word on when they’ll land at a retailer near you.


via hoopster


  1. Nike have been killing it with the Air Max 1’s this year!! Still haven’t copped those blue or violet suede ones yet, but I’ll try for these.

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