Nike Air Mag “Buzz Lightyear” Customs by Mache Customs

Nike Air Mag “Buzz Lightyear” Customs by Mache Customs


Mache Buzz Mags

One of the most humble customizers in the game is back at it with another top-notch, futuristic Nike custom that is going to blow some people’s minds. Mache took on the Nike Air Mags once again, and he won, but this time the theme was a little diverse in age unless your into Toy Story and whatnot. Different shades of grey were placed in a striped fashion throughout the boot while the blue midsole was changed to a bright green to give it that “Buzz Lightyear” flavor. Purple was inserted on the top of the foot insert as well as the Nike Swoosh along the side of the kicks. The standout features for these customs is the strap across the top of the Mags that was switched from all-white to a blue panel on the back with the Space Ranger logo while the actual strap is striped with red and white. Mache mentioned that not everyone will be happy and some will think they are “blasphemous,” however it is hard to be upset with creativity and art such as this.

Would you cop the “Buzz Lightyear” Nike Air Mags if they released to the public? Tell us in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for updates on sneakers and gear daily!

Mache Buzz Mags

Via @mache275

  • Jedidiah Orange


  • John Henry

    Christina Henry ur son bitch

  • Amaranth Belladonna

    Ohhh kiba Kiba SaysRawr those are SOOO YOU,MashaaAllah

  • Sameer Chowdhury


  • John Cortez

    Oh fuck no

  • Kiba SaysRawr

    Those are tough! Amaranth Belladonna

  • Martin Lopez

    Oscar Ruiz

  • Fatz Torres

    Those are actually some of the best nike SNEAKERS I seen on here in a while better than those space shoes they call foamposites or the kd kobe or lefrauds

  • كورنيليوس بارنز الابن

    Great Custom

  • Lenin Angeles

    Charlie de Mesa

  • David Roybal

    What the fuck are wrong with all you these are dope

  • Jerome Brown

    The uglyest shoes ever

  • Bobby Labi

    Its just Mcflys with lights and stuff

  • Radd Van Dam

    Best mags

  • Joe IrockFire Gasque

    Uhhhhhhh NO!

  • Patrick Kelly

    Sammy Rivera lol

  • Alexis Bobin II

    Fuck Fuck. It’s horrible. Original are better

  • Mor Than

    was and still is ugly as hell. no matter what you do to them

  • Bugsy Rosenberg

    Bryan Rich
    Earl Johnson

  • Ian Hugo

    Jordan Peek

  • Nick Nanes

    I want them

  • Edgar Chaparro

    Aren’t those nike air Mc flies????

  • Brandon Lee Resendez

    Want em

  • Jacob Markley


  • Robert Morado

    Ppl must be on that hard. If they think these hoes are nice

  • Junior Herrera

    Cynthia Mayte

  • Adam Torrez

    Anthony Candelaria Jarret Chandler

  • Sleepy Bka Savio

    Damn the Marty Mcflys custom‼️

  • Jarret Chandler

    Jason Mathews you ever think about getting yours customized?

  • Jason Wayne Mathews

    Jarret Chandler hell no

  • Jordan Peek

    Ian Hugo mate! Wonder how much value these lost due to that!

  • Ian Hugo

    Yep haha Jordan Peek

  • Williss Tan

    because the regular Air Mags weren’t expensive enough

  • Anthony Rivera

    Hiro Rivera

  • Chris Hackett

    Hella sick!

  • Sayid Davis


  • Michael Mejia

    Trina Holloway get these for Matty lol

  • Paul Mark Natanauan

    Not bad

  • Edward Gregory

    Where ? When?

  • Betuko Ramirez


  • Betuko Ramirez

    Skull Cat

  • Jordan Scott-Ruiz


  • Louis Mirano


  • Christian Chabrier

    Now I wil pay what ever for this pair here find it hit me up.

  • Trina Holloway

    Lol I will foreal

  • Justin Case

    Jake Gatsby

  • Edgar Puente

    Kikes Maldad

  • Anthony Rich


  • Armando Balbuena

    Bryan Ponce we should cop these lmao

  • Bryan Ponce

    We should@ Armando Balbuena

  • Justin Case

    Jake Gatsby Cameron Hammond

  • Mechanical Popper Hoàng

    now it gets uglier than it was

  • Earle Gamble

    So flipping beast wish I had a pair

  • Desmond DesignbyDsmnd Brown

    Shekinah Grayson Mescudi Dwight Brown Daniel Brown these are just too sick

  • Daniel Brown

    Desmond Brown these are just o.o

  • Liz Eugenio Yamilao


  • Yannickieree Ollivier

    le beau gachis

  • Mercedes-Benz Slr McLaren

    Love the Mags, love buzz lightyear, love the concept but would never give my mags to do that

  • London Vinni

    Where can i buy these

  • Brad TheDub Wynn

    Samin Brown.

  • Jorge Aguilar

    I love em for my kids

  • LelandBryant

    Hell yeah I’ll cop them