Nike Air Huarache BBall 2012 – New Images

Nike Air Huarache BBall 2012 – New Images


Nike Air Huarache BBall 2012 - New Images

First previewed back in May, we now get our first good look at the Nike Air Huarache BBall 2012.

These basketball kicks retain the look of the original Air Huarache, coupling the design with a Nike Free-inspired sole.  Like the originals, the BBall 2012 sports a leather upper exoskeleton, neoprene inner bootie, outrigger, and a TPU heel support wrap.

The Nike Air Huarache BBall 2012 is set to join the Huarache Free with a release early next year.

Nike Air Huarache BBall 2012 - New Images

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  1. not bad…sitll like the og better without the nike free but could be a dope shoe for outdoor use…can always use and outdoor kix so i dont ruin my jays and kobe’s!

  2. I want the all black joints…..then nike should drop the old michigan shorts….then I could be Fab 5 out once again……

  3. you know the youngstas have no clue what they lookin at right now lmaoooo….huaraches all day more comfortable than almost any shoe….if you a jays n foams RIDER and have no clue about classic sneakers this aint for you…i do have jays and foams but i pick up classics when they come along the nike free kinda gives it a more rugged look not too bad wanna see them in another colorway tho

  4. I have the White and burgundy pair from about 12 yrs ago. I love those shoes to death, At this point I mow the lawn in them, but I wish I could put my hands on an all black pair. I think w/ the free sole, I may opt for the runners instead of the bball cut.