Nike Air Force 1 Full Length Visible Air Unit

Nike Air Force 1 Full Length Visible Air Unit


Nike Air Force 1 Full Length Visible Air Unit

This year, we have seen the Nike Air Force 1 release in different styles and colors, and now you can add this pair to the list. As you can see, this pair of Air Force Ones feature a visible Air Unit through the midsole, also smooth croc skin on the uppers. Also, the icy midsole in conjunction with the visible air unit will be popular amongst sneaker heads. No release date just yet, via Hiroshi Fujiwara.

Nike Air Force 1 Full Length Visible Air Unit

  • Ryandabigboi

    damn helllla nice!

  • dread


  • B!0hzrd

    damn that sole is what air forces have needed, but if its a hiroshi fujiwara piece, the pricetags gonna eat me alive. nike gotta release more air forces with max air, also more supreme high top air forces. if these were cheaper, and if the manus dropped, those and the rasheed wallace '07s would be the best forces of the year.

  • FlipJays

    cant wait to get mine

  • Jar

    Icey… Id murder for pair in white, loven them soles! Peace

  • Mac-a-frama-lama


  • Name

    im guess price as high as 2000 WOW

  • Golgo13

    The soles are ACTION but I'm not really feelin the upper on these but that's not gonna stop me from getting them

  • JahMaKiN

    Hooooooooooo Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! Those are super duper fresh!!

  • rico

    jay mincey… closest in ga to a teir 0 would be prestigious, they might actually get them thru a trade from a tier 0 spot. These are crack!!!! hiroshi demands the price to be at 300+ tho

  • blerimm


  • untouchablezz187

    im guessin' that those kickz r gonna b expensive… but imma cop them

  • B!0hzrd

    also the lace deubre isnt the 2007, its last years style, so these are at least a 2008 release if not later.

  • july8119

    pimp Tyte!!!!



  • dfag
  • crystal

    I really need them! tell me how much and i will pay whatever. money is not a problem. please contact with the purchase information

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