Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke – Marcus Troy

Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke – Marcus Troy


21 Mercer always gets sneaker heads of every kind coming into their studio, and sometimes, some influential people pop up. To get his own Nike Bespoke AF1 done, fashion lifestyle blogger Marcus Troy has collaborated with the studio, creating a very nice pair of Bespokes. The Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke sports a black/grey/turquoise colorway, using a team of premium materials such as waterproof denim, loopwheeler cotton, and rubberized leather to name a few. Troy’s name is lasered onto the lace plates, or “dubres” as Troy emphasizes, to really make this one of one personal. These are definitely a great pair of sneakers, and perhaps the only time one would be happy to drop $820 for shoes.

Via Marcus Troy.

  • don't I

    these are the illest bespokes ever made, I'd beg for a GR with those

  • sneakercrazy

    My man needs to start desgning kicks these are amazing

  • Erik

    Not a big uptown fan, but these r soooo cold. Love to have a chance to cop

  • kicksology

    820 bucks? No I'm ok, if they were around 120 i would get them

  • jl

    i dont like af1s anymore but i would get these

  • arod

    $820? cmon man!

  • Kenefy

    there custom made stop complaining and i think only one made but not sure some one correct me if u know

  • Ben

    yes one of a kind, they are Bespokes which is like nikeid but in person and with af1s. very personal and special

  • Spaceacex

    This shoe is a 1 of 1 only for Marcus Troy. Damn amateurs complaining about the $820 price that is never going on sale. Know sneakers before you post please…..

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