Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Yeezy” – First Look

Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Yeezy” – First Look


Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy First Look

While many of us were wondering what could possibly be next for the Nike Air Foamposite in 2014, it looks like we have finally gotten another glimpse at what’s to come. With the graphic having dominated a large majority of drops last year, we have a look at a solid colored design for the Foamposite Pro. Featuring a faux-carbon fiber touch about its upper, these joints also come baring a glow in the dark sole with solar red accents. From looking at the pics below, it comes as no surprise that many have already given this forthcoming release the “Yeezy” nickname. Continue reading after the jump to check out a better look and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy First Look

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy First Look

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy First Look

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy First Look

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy First Look

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy First Look

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy First Look

Nike Air Foamposite Pro

Photos via Sole Up

  • Donald Gilbert

    Dustin Pope I might get these tho bruh

  • Massimo Taylor


  • Jey SoWavvy Hanks


  • Jerry NorthDavis Jackson

    They’re just tryna be funny towards Kanye

  • David Sonny Carson Maddox

    Good color coordination …….

  • Tru Bleu

    Niggas gon get whacked left and right

  • 鄭世平

    so freshˊ3ˊa

  • Nicholas Edward Cintron

    I’m not digging them but a nice colorway

  • Tyrell Thomas

    Asap Zay

  • Asap Zay

    You like these ?

  • Les Wild

    I don’t get how nike can still use Yeezy name and color way when the bs him…

  • Tyrell Thomas

    Nah they type yock

  • Asap Zay

    I actually like em

  • Nicolas Acosta

    Raymond Camacho Jr. Kareem Jones Kashaud Jones

  • Trey Hart

    Yeezys dumb, Kanye is a fkn D-Bag, anyone wearing these retarded ass moon boots is fkn retarded also.

  • Eddie Redice

    do the soles glow : they look gray and easy pass : Pink is the new red lol 4 yall

  • Jerry NorthDavis Jackson

    Trey Hart is a hater

  • Tyrell Thomas

    Ain’t shit to wear with em

  • Alexander E. Williams

    Hype Beast R US

  • Juan Solo Johnson

    when do they come out or are they already out

  • Erick Dominguez

    Mike Semen

  • Nicholas Duncan

    Jack DeBoard here ya go!

  • Asap Zay

    A lot to wear , they all black

  • Jack Marshall DeBoard

    Seen it mane! Shits crazy! Nicholas Duncan

  • Danny Garcia Jr.

    Emilio Del Bosque

  • David Sonny Carson Maddox

    Kayne shoe trash…..if I’m not going up in the Columbia in outer space keep them shits on the shelf… boots…..NASA joints….nah b……it ain’t for everybody!

  • Ramon Torres

    Pablo Ricardo Parodi. Like?

  • Gerrell Jenkins

    Thank you! No more prints

  • Raymond Camacho Jr.

    I saw this bro I didn’t open it Nicolas Acostal

  • Meik Seidel

    Dennis Uecker wie findse?

  • Isaac Romero

    Jose Gomez

  • Ecniv Bolanos

    I ope it glows

  • Dennis Uecker

    Meik Seidel bret hart colors

  • Nicholas Duncan

    Must cop lol Jack DeBoard

  • Jose Matos

    Gotta get them

  • Joaquin Garcia Jr

    Let da HYPE begin

  • Jah Rastafari

    Darryl Jones must have or die

  • Toi Simmons

    Demi Washington

  • Darryl Jones

    He’ll yea Jah Rastafari

  • Harvey Dent


  • Austin Monti

    I can see the real hype beast rubbing their hands together saying idiots will pay anything for these.

  • Quinton Coldbilly Jones

    Foams= Dead

  • Guy SugarBear Randall

    I would get these all that extra colorful shit was blowin me

  • Guy SugarBear Randall

    Prince Ware

  • Abel Japon

    Snkr Hntr

  • Luke Calderon

    Not bad wasn’t much of a fan foamposites but the ones and asteroid I like cause I caught a pic of last year’s asteroid that passed near earth thank God 2012 d.a 14 And these are sick

  • Porter Boii

    Ozzie Alvarez Tight Mike Jayzookeeper Da Gunman Dee Icanfitness Caddrick Spivey

  • Dwayne Richardson

    Kane west yeezy ?

  • Oscar Robles

    Norberto Navarrete

  • Ozzie Alvarez

    Porter Boii must COP

  • Sam Crawford

    OK I guess, but, what does Kanye have to do with sports/fitness?

  • Brandon Ramos

    Nicholas M. Ramos

  • Jason Johnson

    I would imagine the cost will be around $300.00.

  • Jesse Moore

    Let the hype begin…lol

  • Jesse Moore

    @Les Nike is going to milk that colorway for all its worth. Hypebeats will continue to buy it up like no tomorrow.

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    CrazyLuis Ortiz

  • Brandon Williams

    Johnathan what u think idk they are kinda plane to me

  • Savannah Castle

    Anthony Then I HAVE TO HAVE THESE!!!!!

  • Juan Pitts

    These are not wat I expected

  • Brian Buchanan

    #classic look

  • Jason Gonzalez

    Rob Gonzalez Joseph Claudio

  • Brian Lloyd Reyes

    Filbert Nostratis

  • Filbert Nostratis

    Brian Lloyd Reyes I saw this. It’s gonna be impossible to get.

  • Javi Perez

    Sam Moreno

  • Brian Lloyd Reyes

    For sure no GS Filbert Nostratis

  • Jermaine Dontrydisathome Pitts

    Idk son Swarcus

  • Swarcus Garrett

    Jermaine Dontrydisathome Pitts I can fuck wit them

  • Ijeihmu Ibin Muhammad

    When do these drop

  • Tight Mike

    I don’t like that big ass check on the side of the shoe!!!! But I like the color scheme

  • Porter Boii

    Mike you got to get pass the checks on the foams homie lol

  • defcon5

    Should have made the logo pink also…

  • Aubrey Saenz

    Make that money off of yeezy! Nike is cutthroat!

  • Edward Joshua Vasquez

    Angel Ortiz

  • Johnathan White

    Brandon Williams Those are FIRE

  • Brandon Williams

    Johnathan I think they should if never made the pros that check ruins foams

  • JesusTran

    Make the sole green and hypebeast would be all over

  • Tight Mike

    No can do, that’s one of the reasons I don’t own a pair!!!!

  • Ozzie Alvarez

    LoL Tight Mike

  • Tae Smith

    Ozzie Alvarez I want these too Porter Boii

  • Chris Knightner


  • Justin Smith

    Nicole Smith

  • Justin Smith

    This ain’t a yeezy or it would but ugly as fak

  • Wilford Hughes

    I can see myself finally rocking some foams … I like this concept

  • Akibo Ronnie Coma

    When is the release date & what is going to be the price

  • Cubatobaco

    Should have made the sole glow in the dark, but a good concept to say the least.

  • Mjk23504

    The sole is glow in the dark! That’s why you should READ first!!!

  • McRareSneaker

    Lmao!!! foams are sick since 90’s!! You are wack go buy your jordans that every wetback wears and what you love so much.