Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Elephant Print” – On-Foot Look

Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Elephant Print” – On-Foot Look


Nike Air Foamposite Pro Elephant Print On-Foot Look

Well look what we have here, it appears to be your very first on-foot look at the “Elephant Print” Nike Air Foamposite Pro. While you’ve already gotten to check out a few previews and detailed looks, all of you sneakerheads can go ahead and envision what this forthcoming graphic offering will look like on your feet. While we still don’t have any clue as to when we can expect these to make their retail debut, that leaves all of you with plenty of time to figure out whether or not these will be worth picking up. Continue reading after the jump to check out the latest round of images and let us know if these push you any further towards wanting to cop.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Elephant Print On-Foot Look

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Elephant Print On-Foot Look

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Elephant Print On-Foot Look

Photos via shoulee81

  • Nelson Villanueva

    Ruben Alejandro they literally fresh

  • Ruben Alejandro

    Ehh I saw them they’re ok

  • Eddie Alvarado

    Come on now, get some better designed products; just cause its different doesn’t mean its “cool”.

  • Anthony Mitchell

    the tongue tab should be pink too….other than that i like them. foams are mainstream now and people just gotta get used to that.

  • Mitchell Carrigan

    Collin Cimko

  • David Echevarria

    Those nice might cop

  • rippichip23

    Y is pink cool all of a sudden… How imma explain that my son

  • Chris Loogi Montanez

    Rob Cottone

  • Anthony Mitchell

    that red tongue tab doesnt flow with the rest of the shoe

  • Brent Hayden


  • Rodrigo Revelliu

    olha que louco mano Fabio Maximo, Marcio Jose Alves Toledo, William F. B. Nogueira

  • Evan Cornell

    These are like the nail in the foamposite coffin…

  • Silvestre BM

    Nike testing us like shark bait hahaha….

  • P-Funk Wit-it

    So ugly

  • Willie Postell

    R.I.P to foams

  • Brandon Deloney-Fulmer

    Mfs will put anything on their feet these days.

  • Javan Isaac Fernandez


  • Brian Pires

    I don’t think any man should own a pair of these…

  • Kevin Byrne

    These are absolutely hideous. Dare I say it, they’re worse than the heat maps. And those were fucking ugly.

  • Marcio Jose Alves Toledo


  • Rodrigo Revelliu

    acha aqui no shopping Dom Pedro tem e em Sampa tb tem

  • Jake Rogers

    No!! My eyes hurt looking at these!! O_o

  • Tony AndStephanie Wright

    Ashleigh Holland

  • Spark Barrels

    Must b for 90’s baby’s

  • Jun Ito


  • Zach Rogers

    I want those low top green snake skin 11’s. Tho. Them bitchs are nasty. But I ain’t gonna lie I would rock the shit out the foams. Goes with all my neff gear ..

  • Pito Cabrera


  • Mike Mills


  • Øbey Áñtonío

    Brian Dienert Justin Dienert

  • Jonathan St Jean

    Dope af

  • Justin Caraway

    Jade Caraway

  • Antoine L Boykin


  • Quarieb Tew Muahmmad

    Them 11s tho

  • Gee John

    The only thing dope on these kicks are the shoelaces

  • Dorian Vain

    Corniest silhouette ever lol

  • Erick Beltran


  • Anthony Mitchell

    foams been dead bro

  • Marquita Hamilton

    this is just my opinion those shoes are ugly

  • Marquita Hamilton

    But I’m filling those Jordans that’s sitting behind ZL ugly ass shoes

  • Chris Dowell

    Pink is for pussy Niggas cause in the joint they will b a Niggas bitch 1000

  • Rock Hudson


  • TJ Clark

    These shit terrible Aaron Cozzy Costen

  • Nebojsa Jelicic


  • Trí Nguyễn Demon

    Fucking bad

  • Luke Calderon

    For women must be cause of pink underneath

  • Luke Calderon

    But they do look like elephant lol

  • Lou Staive

    Real Zee on dit quoi?

  • KhloeElijah AndBenjamin Burnett

    true ^ especially since the “spider-mans” came out.. saw a homeless dude wearing them…

  • Aries Shabazz Jnr


  • Alyssa Guille

    Jonathan Corral why do I like this

  • Eddie Redice

    Nikes needs to ditch the “just do it” motto and use the new motto “fading to pink”

  • Eddie Redice

    foams died right after the coppers/ eggplants

  • Eddie Redice

    Im glad someone else sees it besides me

  • Anthony Mitchell

    lmao stfu