Nike Air Foamposite One “Shooting Stars” Customs by FETTi D’Biasi

Nike Air Foamposite One “Shooting Stars” Customs by FETTi D’Biasi


Nike Air Foamposite One Shooting Stars Customs by FETTi D’Biasi

With the current graphic direction for the Nike Foamposite, the “Shooting Stars” version would definitely set the sneaker scene ablaze had it actually been commissioned for release. Seeing as how Penny Hardaway will be the only one to posses the previously mentioned pair of kicks, that hasn’t stopped sneaker customizer FETTi D’Biasi from creating his very own rendition. Upon using the “Whiteout” Foamposite One as his base, D’Biasi transforms the shoe into yet another one of a kind custom creation. Check out a detailed look at his latest body of work after the jump and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Nike Air Foamposite One Shooting Stars Customs by FETTi D’Biasi

Photos via FETTi D’Biasi

  • Tarek Bargach

    Badr Mouttaqui

  • Patrick Kelly

    Love these jawns!

  • Thurmond Washington

    What date tha cum out.

  • Nate Morrin

    Bryan Anthony Apice

  • Jaysen Ducrepin

    Jonnie Dickerson

  • Juanand Nikki Murillo

    Ugly as hell

  • Czar Richie


  • Czar Richie

    Trash! Garbage! Basura!

  • Joshua Burch

    Who dumb enough to think that these are nice? My fucking 9 year old son could have done that shit. Throw some stars on it and you call it dope. #Killyaself

  • MichaelJay Mike D Geiger

    Soooo sick

  • Kimberly LovesHim Bowman

    Lol the foams look dumb af Idk why anyone wears them smh

  • Bryan Anthony Apice

    When they gonna release

  • Cuco Pee Wee


  • James Guzman

    Aint nobody gonna see them small ass stars from a distance FOH

  • Trey Coleman

    Darnell YungShoota Veney

  • Daniel Isaac Corral-Ramirez

    Anthony Bowman

  • Gwheyohn ‘pronounced Way-on’ Gerring

    my homie fetti stepping it up!

  • Saphire Bevan


  • Kaviyeh Hill

    Jaw Dropping!! I neeeeeeddddd them!!!!!!

  • Armando Delgado

    A must cop.

  • Mike Bouderau

    Antonio Reece

  • BamBody Don’thurtnobody

    Steven Harris fire!!!!!

  • Elliott Haralson

    Need these for New Years

  • Steven Harris

    Helllll yea BamBody Don’thurtnobody

  • Hyped BiggityRandon

    Those arent even fucking close to the real ones, I’d fire that fucking guy. Let me guess he was supposed to fuck it up on purpose, so it’s “custom”?

  • Octavious Birdman Carter

    Ice wáter

  • Tj Aquino


  • Tíll Màne LäFlãre

    These not even customs they Penny ALL STAR GAME kicks.

  • Jay Smith


  • Evan Yougonlerntoday

    Joshua Louis didn’t you want these a while ago?

  • Joshua Louis

    yup they never dropped

  • El-rumblez Crews

    Those tuff orlando magic

  • John HeadzUp Prez Long

    They need to do a release on this pair

  • Darryl Moses

    Need dem bad