Nike Air Foamposite One “Dark Knight” by Pkcustoms89

Nike Air Foamposite One “Dark Knight” by Pkcustoms89


Nike Air Foamposite One Dark Knight by Pkcustoms89

The Nike Foamposite One silhouette is bar none one of the most popular canvas for sneaker customizers to flesh out their imaginative designs. Inspired by Bruce Wayne’s superhero alter ego, Pkcustoms89 has created this pair of “Dark Knight” Nike Air Foamposite Ones. Using the “Stealth” colorway as his base, Pkcustoms89 paints a rather large silver Batman emblem about the heel of the shoe. Upon further examination, all of you sneakerheads will also notice the subtle hints of yellow about the heel and tongue tabs. Read on after the jump to check out a few more looks and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section before.

Nike Air Foamposite One Dark Knight by Pkcustoms89

Nike Air Foamposite One Dark Knight by Pkcustoms89

Photos via Pkcustoms89

  • Heriberto Antonio


  • Kenyon Jones


  • Shavaisa Shay Memyselfandi


  • Brian Buchanan

    They need to go ahead and make a Megatron PE for Calvin Johnson.

  • Jamel Sleepy Aiken

    Oh shit!! Dominique Air-Jordan

  • Amaya Prchal


  • Dominique Aiken Air-Jordan

    Jamel Aiken dope as fuck

  • Joshua Burch

    If this is peculiar kustoms this dude will rob you and never produce your kicks. It took this nicca 6 months to get me back my money for a shoe he never produced

  • Hector Velez

    Jason Martinez if they make these def mus cop

  • Joshua Burch

    Yall need to know

  • Tony Alcazar

    Jeff Escobar

  • Joseph Luke Dargan

    Matt Hayden check this out bro.

  • Matt Hayden


  • Jeff Escobar

    Oh my mother fucking God! I need them!

  • Jawie Uy

    Nathan Ku lupet oh

  • Atlas SoGlobal

    Dominique Mosley look at this shit here???#OGOD Dope

  • Lueis Collins


  • Joshua Burch

    Yall not paying attention

  • Alonzo Flowers


  • Phinix Blahk

    classy and still hard!!!!!!!

  • Dillon Gallman

    Curtis T. Lemon

  • Jeff Wetsel

    Travis Schmidt WOW!

  • Travis Schmidt

    Jeff Wetsel these have to be 1 of tha hardest customs out there for foams its simple but hard as a mother fucker

  • Jeff Wetsel

    Travis Schmidt for sure.

  • YArk Ya

    Mostafa Arka check this out bro

  • Cyan Haughton


  • Lung Joe

    That’s sick man. I wanna have one

  • Tony Vitale

    Terry Jones

  • Bobby Bousha

    i like those.

  • Fabiano Oliveira

    Holy shit ‘ Angel Ocasio

  • Joselyn Zapata

    Jose Zapata

  • Chris Maye

    Daniel i would cop! Kendrick Jermond

  • Julian David

    i have this sneakers 😀

  • Terry DeAngelo Moore

    Tramane Barrett

  • TynTyn Nguyễn

    Thế Trí Trần

  • Adrian Diaz

    Jason Melendez

  • Bux Amillion


  • King Koopa


  • Anthony Killion

    Jonathan Martino god damn

  • MJ Johnson

    are these for sale?

  • Patrick Brooks

    Oh my god!

  • Ricardo J. Delgado

    I like this ones

  • Marke Goss Harris

    Ugly as f#ck!

  • Luis Gonzalez

    i think there replicas to carbin fiber looks like plastic

  • Jun Ito

    ……. eh

  • Anthony Ayon

    Julian clean?

  • Aaron Heliodoro Mulapi

    They the shit. Sauce

  • Stephan Barnes

    Niki Barnes

  • Andrew Thornton

    I think they might be replicas

  • Anthony Mendez

    Elijah Messier

  • Teepee Trill

    Ugly ass space shoes

  • Saul Aceves

    Weak custom

  • Erik Lopez

    They ruining Foams.

  • Joshua Ortiz

    Robin Elizabethsick

  • Robin Elizabeth

    Joshua OrtizJoshua their nice

  • Peter Escobar

    Desiree Lopez

  • Jordan Sole Sacramento


  • William Christian

    I like it. Simple but solid to me.

  • Neville Antonio Ronaldo Mckendall

    Jj Jones

  • Daniel No Tomarrow Anderson

    These shits is sexy Chris Maye

  • Eric Rucker

    Hector Ruiz

  • Thomas Robein

    When do they come out???

  • Ron Benefit

    Shawn Prescott

  • Eduardo Gonzalez

    Jonathan Mendiola

  • V Hayden Trikouros

    Hate em hate all like this fucking ugly and worse when someonea act. Wearing this garbage god all garbage kicks I’ve seen today

  • Brett Bohach

    Kobes redesigned

  • Ben Weiner

    Dope af but coulda made the logo like fire like on the building in the movie

  • Norberto Pito Montijo

    Juan Tester Arguello

  • Daniel Waldorf

    Dark knight? More like that awful batman and robin movie.

  • Nelson Whoelse

    Lazy for the idea…

  • Fattynjj Kaufman

    So sick and comfortable

  • Jj Jones

    Neville Antonio Ronaldo Mckendall yes!!! I need theses

  • Juan Tester Arguello


  • Ricardo Dinamita Velarde

    Easy money! Hahahahaha

  • Dan Mears

    Mike Salinas nothing is better

  • Pj Santos

    ugly as fuck

  • Marcie N Adam Rodriguez

    Don’t like foams too much but these are pretty coo considering I like bat man… coo custom! !

  • Everett EtodaZtho Zachery


  • Leo Solis


  • Ennaira Aragrev


  • Ennaira Aragrev


  • Thế Trí Trần

    ugly i think

  • Sean Lynaugh

    I want these

  • Edo Henry


  • Njoyin Mi Freedom Teamer

    Need thm !!!

  • Johnny Fleurimond

    Ray Blackmon

  • Eric Rodriguez

    Yo bro tbese tough! Anthony Rosa

  • EsKo Bk


  • Destiny Boutchee

    Monique Moe Amerine

  • Boii Taviee

    i like em

  • Monique Moe Amerine

    Destiny Boutchee I was JUST talking about you!!! Lol crazy…I was like, “dang where did Destiny eat this year lol” …I would get these JUST because the Batman!

  • Cyllan SnapbackMan Little


  • Carlos Loso Alvarez


  • Destiny Boutchee

    lol i i know you would….i ate in afghanistan….lol

  • Monique Moe Amerine

    Aww….yea I remembered after the fact lol

  • Mike Quirk

    i wouldnt even wear them for a bet !!!! ugly

  • Andre Juste


  • Mistah El Cientifiko Waddell

    Weak dude just drew a bat in the back…smh leave it all black

  • Arthur Givens

    Must have

  • Kevin Hill

    Clean than uh bitch cut 4 those

  • Paopao Licaros Hernandez

    Wuooohoouww! I love it

  • Phoenix Avilez

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  • Tim Rogers

    where can i get those

  • Michael M Collazo

    memory foam

  • Erik Crespo


  • Saeed Slicebread Chambers

    Jimmy Verde

  • Chigbo Ilogu

    Simple and dope

  • Marvin Willis

    I got to get those!!!!

  • Jefferey Michael Clay


  • Aaron Steward

    Christian do you think david would wear this with his batman shirt everyday.

  • Christian Roy

    Aaron no him nick and matt only wear running shoes

  • Jay Johnson

    Need those

  • Carlos E Velazquez Hernandez

    Mira Luis Rodríguez comprate estos!!

  • Luis Rodríguez

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